Undergraduate Research Winners Announced

Kent State Salem Students Showcase Research Projects 

Salem, Ohio – Kent State University at Salem held its fall Undergraduate Research Conference, an event that recognizes students for their research and allows them to share what they learned through discussions with the academic staff. This year, there were 38 presentations given by a combined total of 51 students.

The conference is open to all undergraduates in any discipline and in any for-credit course at the Salem campus. Cash prizes are presented to the winners. Faculty judges evaluate the presentations based on originality; significance; evidence of learning about the research and information gathering process; and overall quality. 

The winners of this Undergraduate Research Conference are: 

Long oral presentations - First place: Chelsea Minnich, Brianne Wagner and Dannielle Hendershot with “Putting Safety First: The Importance of Intruder Safety in Schools;” second place: Kayla Jenkins and Nick Baronzzi with “The Perks of Being a Woman in Medieval Iceland;” third place (tie): Winter Weyland with “Smart Cookie;” and Casey Yourex with “Mentoring vs. Educational Conformity.” 

Short oral presentations - First place: Mathew Duck with “The Effectiveness of Exercise and Cholesterol;” second place: Kelly Waller with “Quantitative Analysis Final Project;” third place: Kathlena Lattanzio with “Napping and Increases in Productivity and Memory;” honorable mention: Brittany Jarrett with “Who Drinks More Wine?” and Elizabeth Miller with “Does the Freshman 15 Turn into the Senior 30?” 

Poster presentations – First place: Trent Frederick, Greg Lowe and Mike Rockhold with “3 T MRI Prostate Imaging;” second place: Emily Brain with “The Importance of Secure Attachment between Infant and Caretaker;” third place: Amy Johnston with “The Homeschool Option;” honorable mention: Allison Edie with “Bullying;” and Christy Zeigler and Nick Torelli with “Effects of Autism on Early Development.”


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