Radiation Therapy FAQs

  1. If I meet all the pre-requisites, will I automatically be accepted into the radiation therapy program?
    NO. Acceptance into the program is based on a point system as explained in the information packet; students with the highest points are accepted 
  2. Is it required that I have a radiology background in order to be accepted into the radiation therapy program?
    NO. There are 2 options for acceptance. Option 1 pertains to students with an associates’ degree in radiologic technology; Option 2 pertains to students with no radiologic technology background  
  3. If I already have a bachelor’s/master’s degree in another field, can I be accepted into the radiation therapy program?
    YES; you would be attempting a 2nd bachelor’s degree. But, you must still go through all the appropriate steps such as applying to KSU; sending all official transcripts; seeking advisement from Shellie Warino.
  4. If I have pre-requisites from other colleges/universities, will they transfer to KSU & count towards the radiation therapy degree?
    Once you apply to KSU & submit all your official transcripts, they will be evaluated by the KSU transfer center to determine if they equate to KSU courses.  See the transfer guide site: https://keys.kent.edu:44220/ePROD/bwlkgstu.P_TransferInfo 
  5. Is there a waiting list for the radiation therapy program? 
    NO. Students who have applied & not been accepted may reapply the following year
  6. How many students apply to the radiation therapy program?
    Approximately 25 applicants/year
  7. How many students are accepted into the radiation therapy program yearly? 
    Between 10-12 
  8. When do I find out if I’ve been accepted?
    Acceptance emails are sent out by June 1st 
  9. Can radiation therapy students attend part time?
    NO. The radiation therapy program is a full time commitment with students spending approximately 40 hrs. /wk. on class & clinical time not including travel time & study time.
  10. Can radiation therapy students work while in the program?
    YES. The recommendation is students do not work more than 20 hrs. /wk.   
  11. Do student in the radiation therapy program get breaks?
    YES. The radiation therapy program follows the Kent State University academic calendar
  12. When do the radiation therapy students attend classes/clinical?
    Refer to the information packet page 7 for days/times