Radiologic Technology Club

1st & 2nd Year RadTech Club Members

The purpose of this club is to provide incoming radiology program students with a base to develop a wider understanding of radiologic science. This club encourages the discussion of thoughts, experiences and ideas for a radiology student in clinic and academic curriculum.

We also commit ourselves to volunteering within our campus community and the greater Salem Area.

Contact Margie Iagulli, for more information.

Radiologic Technology Club 1st Year Students

President: Sam Hoffman  
Vice President: Lexi Kalicatzaros  
Secretary: Alyssa Alberti  
Treasurer: Madie McDowell  
Archivist: Maddie Ostoyic  
Class Rep: Emily McKarnes  
Advisor: Margie Iagulli

Radiological Technology Club 2nd year Students

President: Asa DeSanzo  
Vice President: Erica Gudat  
Secretary: Jackie Francis  
Treasurer: Victoria Berquist  
Archivist: Erica Gu  
Class Rep: Julianne Jones  
Advisor: Margie Iagulli