Director's Message

Welcome to the School of Communication Studies.

Written and oral communication skills are routinely referenced by employers as top skills they are looking for in employees. Organizational leaders recognize that effective communication is the driving force behind the success of their organizations. More importantly, for students who truly want to make a difference in society, societal change first and foremost begins and ends with appropriate and competent communication within and across groups, organizations, institutions, and cultures. A degree in Communication Studies provides a strong base for understanding and implementing change.

Accordingly, whether you are interested in applied or general communication – the skills you acquire and build on here are essential to a sustainable and fulfilling future.

In an interconnected world, communication studies is the central field for the 21st century. We are proud to be preparing dynamic leaders, people who make a difference, with the skills to contribute to the workforce and society of tomorrow. From our outstanding faculty and staff to our diverse and capable students to our distinguished alumni, we are proud of our contributions.

This website is designed to provide an introduction to our undergraduate and graduate programs. It will also introduce you to our faculty, staff, students, alumni and some of the exciting things occurring in the school. The site serves as a gateway to the larger Kent State University community, showcasing the accepting and supportive atmosphere and the range of research, professional and educational opportunities available within our school and university. I hope this information encourages you to become a part of the dynamic field of communication at Kent State University.

The School of Communication Studies has programs that are among the most adaptable, flexible and relevant degrees offered at Kent State. Although we want you to know us and our work, it is equally important that we get to know you, your interests, and your aspirations. Come, visit, talk with our faculty and students, even visit a class. Experience the excellence that is Kent State and the School of Communication Studies.

If you have questions, please email or call me (330-672-2659), or contact a member of our dedicated faculty and staff. We are interested in your future and look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Paul Haridakis, Director