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Businesses, organizations, and nonprofit agencies consistently rank effective communication skills as the most important job-hiring consideration, even more so than technical skills. Pursuing a Communication Studies degree allows you the ability to bring diverse insights to the role of communication in a variety of ways. Managers, communication experts, teachers, sales representatives, political communication consultants, communication strategists and leaders are a few examples of possible careers for degree-seeking students. Communication Studies degrees examine the role of communication in a wide range of settings, focusing on how to adapt messages to diverse situations and circumstances.

The key to the Communication Studies major is flexibility.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Communication Studies with a concentration in Applied Communication or General Communication Studies provides a flexible program that permits you to choose a curriculum that is right for you and serves your goals. It prepares you with skills that are transferrable to a myriad of current and emerging careers.

The Communication Studies major permits students to take courses within the School of Communication Studies, and also in other Schools within the College of Communication and Information in order to acquire and hone a variety of skills related to their interests.

Students can also couple their major in Communication Studies with one of the cutting-edge minors in the College of Communication and Information such as web development, information design, user experience design, digital media production, and advertising.

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Our Concentrations

Applied Communication

An integrated and interdisciplinary concentration that emphasizes how theory translates into professional skills, students gain expertise in:

  • Visual design
  • Organizational communication
  • Advanced presentational speaking
  • Professional writing 

Career Paths: 

  • Public relations
  • Web content
  • Communication campaigns
  • Promotional designer 

Concentration Courses:

  • Organizational Communication (COMM 35864)
  • High Impact Professional Speaking (COMM 45807)
  • Fundamentals of Media Messages (JMC 20005)
  • Visual Design for Media: Advanced (VCD 37000)

With an emphasis on flexibility and choice, students can create a personalized concentration and tailor courses to their specific academic interests and career goals. This concentration is appropriate for students with diverse academic interests. 

Our Minors

Communication Studies Minor

Effective communication skills are consistently rated as one of the top three proficiencies employers desire in new hires. Whether students major in architecture or zoology, communication skills are necessary for effective interaction. The communication studies minor allows students to improve their speaking abilities as well as their listening, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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Global Communication - Minor

The global communication minor is design to provide graduates with some of the theoretical, practical and cultural sensitivity skills to use communication most effectively in global organizations and environments of all kinds.

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Health Communication - Minor

Whether you are concerned about improving your communication competencies for a future health care, health education, health marketing or public health profession — or want to be better prepared to be an active and effective participant in your own health care and that of your family members — a minor in health communication can increase your understanding of the powerful roles of communication in health and health care outcomes and improve skills and knowledge for promoting health and preventing disease.

This is a minor for students interested in public health, nursing and other health care professions, health education, social work, counseling and human development and family studies.

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Interpersonal Communication - Minor

The interpersonal communication minor serves students interested in improving their interpersonal communication skills and knowledge in personal or professional communication settings. It complements students interested in sales, human resources, counseling or teaching.

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Organizational Communication - Minor

The organizational communication minor provides students the opportunity to study organizational culture and the ways in which communication occurs in organizations. An organizational communication minor examines issues such as communication and effective training, development, and consulting; presentational and interviewing skills; organizational leadership; and small group and team interaction. It is particularly applicable for students in business management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, public relations, hospitality management, fashion merchandising and event planning.

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Public Communication - Minor

The public communication minor coursework introduces students to theory and practice related to public discourse, persuasive communication, in-depth analysis of media processes, uses, and effects. It lends itself to careers in business, media relations, promotion, political consulting, 
public affairs, social media management, advertising
, community outreach
, marketing and audience research, among others.

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