Work your Way to the Top

A degree from the School of Communication Studies opens doors to an extensive array of employment opportunities, making it a profitable degree to carry you throughout your evolving professional career. Alumni have gone on to successful careers in virtually every sector of the work environment.

Possible Careers

  • Strategic Communication Consulting

  • Social Media Management

  • Media Relations

  • Integrated Communication/Marketing

  • Professional/Grant Writing

  • Communication Specialist

  • Humanitarian Aid Coordinator

  • Multinational Management

  • Advocacy

  • Cultural Ambassador

  • Corporate Training

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist

  • Project Management

  • Human Resources

  • Sales

  • Fundraising/Development

  • Training and Development

  • Public Service

  • Political/Media Advocacy

  • Legislative Assistance

  • Speech Writing

  • Campaign Management

  • Digital Director, Hip Hop Caucus

    Digital Director, Hip Hop Caucus

    Since graduating, JaRel Clay has traveled the U.S. while working for one of the country’s largest public relations firms; created a digital media platform for a national security think tank; and managed coalitions for a progressive nonprofit focused on making the world a better place. Read more about his career in Washington, D.C.

  • Alumni Profile: Paul Starr, '02

    Alumni Profile: Paul Starr, '02

    “The beauty of having a Communication Studies degree is that you are an expert at communicating, so you can talk, understand, and listen. All of my professors did this so well which really made a huge impact on my life.”

  • Alumni Profile: Christine Rich, '02

    Alumni Profile: Christine Rich, '02

    “My communications degree gave me the ability to think critically and look at issues from multiple perspectives. It also instilled in me a natural curiosity and those are all skills needed to write, publish, and market a book."

  • Advocating and Consulting for Native American Communities

    Advocating and Consulting for Native American Communities

    Victoria Humphreys, ’13, found her way as a communications professional in Washington, D.C. by embracing her Native American heritage. She is a Copywriter/Content Strategist for Kauffman & Associates, Inc.

  • Digital Communications Associate, ACLU

    Digital Communications Associate, ACLU

    A career in advocacy had always been Adam Schroeder's dream. Now, as a Digital Communications Associate for the ACLU of Indiana, he designs and creates engaging content to educate supporters about civil rights and civil liberties, and drive different audiences to take community action.

  • Global Social Media Strategist

    Global Social Media Strategist

    From creating content and going on photoshoots, to working with influencers, no two days are the same for alumna Brittany Neish. Read about her job at Fortune Brands’ Global Plumbing Group (GPG), which includes Moen, the number one faucet brand in North America.