Our Students

Communication Studies students are involved in all areas of campus life and gain experience in leadership, writing, multimedia, social media and more.

Here are a few of our students and recent grads.

Current Students

Meet our current students

  • Major: Communication Studies

    “I'm passionate about CCI because I want to help continue making the environment on campus welcoming. Kent State is a great place to be."

  • Major: Communication Studies

    “My favorite thing is that I can do anything with the degree and that I will never be limited with this major!” 


  • Major: Communication Studies

    "CCI has opened many possibilities that I didn't know were possible for me. I love the diverse nature of CCI..."

Recent Grads

Meet some recent alums.

  • “The thing I like the most about Communication Studies is that it prepares you for just about every career after graduation."

  • "Thanks to CCI and my minors, I feel extremely prepared as I continue my education.” 

  • “You can do almost anything you want with it. That is great for someone like me who can’t commit to just one decision. I want to do many things in life, and I don’t want to settle on just one just yet.”

  • "Through COMM and my Media Advocacy minor, I have learned the power of my own voice and a story."