Comm Studies Student Turned Performing Arts Professional Through Practicum

Applied communication student Claudia Hoyser from Fairport, NY has had some interesting opportunities in the past couple of years connecting her passion of the performing arts to her academic and professional life. She said that her communication studies major is to thank for that success. Hoyser has secured an acting role and composed and performed music for a film called “Wildflower.”

Hoyser’s exciting story began during her junior year when she went back to New York to complete her required practicum. She was offered an intern position at a fashion branding company in the Big Apple; however, she soon realized where her passion existed and felt the need to follow love of music. She turned down the internship offer and instead sought to complete her practicum at GFI Productions, a recording studio in Rochester, NY.

It was at GFI where things started to fall in place. Before beginning her practicum, she was recommended both by a family friend and GFI’s owner, Tony Gross, to meet with a film director about her music. After a casual audition at the studios, Hoyser landed the role of Hannah, a voice from the past. However, this opportunity only grew larger during her practicum as Hoyser ended up writing and recording four songs to be placed in the film that co-stars Nathalia Ramos (Bratz: The Movie/ Gallows Hill) and Cody Longo (Fame/Make it or Break it). “Wildflower,” directed by Nick Dibella, is in post-production and due for release by Sony/Provident in 2016. 

“It was exciting sharing the screen with talented, established actors such as Nathalie Ramos and Cody Longo,” Hoyser said. “In addition to being exposed to the world of film, Tony had an entertainment concept called The Flag Girls that he has toyed with over the last bunch of years and shared that with me. I immediately said, ‘Let’s do it!’ The first song that we recorded was heard by a local program director who quickly said that he would play it. Next thing you know, I’m getting interviewed, doing appearances, signing autographs and even guest hosting at an airgun show.”

The Flag Girls can be described as an all-girl indie pop country group.  According to Hoyser, the group has a fluid concept where members routinely join the group and leave to pursue other things.

Ultimately, Hoyser attributes her recent experiences to the initial pursuit of her New York City practicum made possible by her communication studies curriculum.

“Communication studies allowed me to hone in on both my creative and presentation skills,” Hoyser said. “My communication skills have helped me in corresponding with producers and networking with all of these people whom I never would have been able to meet before. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those that you feel can help you. Even if you have a far-fetched goal, keep dreaming, follow your heart and look for the people who will help you achieve it.” .

Hoyser is currently looking forward to graduating next May while pursuing a career in both music and acting.

To catch a glimpse of Hoyser before the international release of “Wildflower,” check out her unique interpretation of “Hark! The Herald.”

POSTED: Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 2:45pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 11:39am
Vincent Siciliano