Vincent Siciliano Joins School of Communication Studies Marketing & PR Team as Intern

The Kent State School of Communication Studies welcomes Vincent Siciliano to the student marketing team for the school. Siciliano is a senior within the applied communication concentration and graduates this December.
“It’s my goal to learn as much about marketing and communication, both digital and analog, as possible in order to better promote the small two-person hair salon that changed ownership in Beachwood this past summer,” Siciliano said. “It caters to a diverse, multi-cultural clientele, of which can be difficult to find accepted communicative universals. I think that putting theory into practice and utilizing the tremendous resources who are the faculty and staff right here in Taylor Hall could have a palpable impact on the success of the business. Since being purchased by a friend and past coworker, the salon’s success is of special importance to me. We are now looking for a third stylist and want to open a second salon in the near future, which would not be possible without some practical background in marketing.”
As a student marketing intern for communication studies, Siciliano will be working behind the scenes on various visual design, copywriting, social media and public relations projects vis-à-vis the School of Communication Studies.

“In particular, I am most interested in doing some design projects for the college,” Siciliano said. “I enjoy working with Adobe products, and it is one of the most interesting aspects of the applied communication curriculum.” 

In his free time Siciliano enjoys producing original house and techno music, curating music selections and DJing, traveling and meeting new people, cooking and working way too much.

POSTED: Friday, September 4, 2015 - 11:12am
UPDATED: Friday, September 4, 2015 - 11:14am