CAED Novel Ecology Design Lab (NEDlab)


Address: Kent State University | College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Room 023 | 132 S. Lincoln St. | Kent, OH 44242
Phone: 216-337-5934


By appointment


The mission of NEDlab is to conceive, develop and innovate novel ecological systems for the ultra-urban environment. Through processes of conceptualization, visualization, experimentation, implementation and assessment, students and faculty transfer ecological concepts, processes and theories into the built environment.
Students and faculty work in two temporal scales: 1) Near-term trajectories where we engage in pursuits that transform contemporary infrastructure into more ecologically responsible infrastructure, such as creating new forms of green infrastructure, green roofs, etc. and; 2) Distant trajectories where we engage in futuristic conceptualizations of alternative infrastructures that are based on ecological concepts, theories or models, such as envisioning cities without roads, etc.

Equipment, Features and Services

Fields of design and science converge in the lab: architecture, biology, landscape architecture, engineering, interior design, hydrology are common.
Voluntary and funded research positions are available for undergraduate and graduate students.