Design Innovation Nodes

Makerspaces and Resource Labs across Kent State University

By connecting the DI HUB to all of the DI NODES across all Kent State University locations we elevate awareness and access to the broad range of maker, design, technology and resource laboratories for improved innovation at the intersections between discipline

Our goal is to leverage and elevate the entire Design Innovation Ecosystem (DI HUB and DI NODES) to best expose our students and community members to the resources and possibilities.

Each of the DI NODES is committed to:

  1. being openly available to support all students’ inquiries, not just those in their respective degree program areas;
  2. considering their facility/resources as part of the larger DI and ‘maker-culture’ of the university; and 
  3. participating in challenge-based-innovation events when possible to support collaborative problem-solving.

DI NODE LOCATIONS: (with equipment lists where provided)