First Right of Service

University Culinary Services is given “first right of service” for on-campus events.  However, certain allowances for waivers and exceptions are permitted. 

Exceptions for Using University CULINARY Services

  1. Personal Food Items.  Non-catered, personal food items purchased with personal funds including but not limited to bagged lunches from home, birthday cakes, cookie exchanges, office potlucks, and similar items brought to campus do not require a waiver. 
  2. Pizza.  No pizza orders (of any dollar amount) require a waiver.  Ordering pizza at any time for any event of any dollar amount from any vendor is permissible.
  3. Events Equal to or Less Than $200.00.  No event where the catering order is equal to or less than $200.00 requires a waiver.  Ordering food costing equal to or less than $200.00 for any event at any time from any vendor, including University Culinary Services is permissible.
  4. Events More Than $200.00A Food Refreshment Waiver Request Form must be completed and approved for all instances where catering is brought onto campus from an alternate provider.  Responses to all waiver requests will be sent within 7 business days upon receipt.