Accordion View

Screenshot of an accordion view in Drupal

To create an accordion view as shown in the image above, follow these directions:

  1. Create an internal basic page (IBP) for each individual accordion.
    1. The Title will be what appears on the list.
    2. The Body will appear when the title is selected.
    3. After saving the IBP, note the node ID for later.
  2. Go to the basic page where you want to add the tab view.
    1. Click on the Edit button (located under "Open Utilities" in view mode)
    2. Scroll to the BP Paragraphs and select Add Paragraph.
    3. The Add Paragraph window will open.
    4. Select Accordion from the list.
    5. The Configure new View: Tabs: Accordion window will open.
    6. In the Slideshow Reference Pages field, enter the node IDs of the FAQ or basic pages you created to appear in the tab view.
      1. You may add more node IDs by clicking Add another item. 
    7. Note: you may have to add the BP Paragraphs element to the page in order to show the accordions.
      1. To do so, click Layout from the front view, or the Layout tab in the edit view
      2. Then, click "+ Add Block" where you'd like the accordions to show,
      3. Choose BP Paragraphs from the sidebar that pops up
      4. Follow the form (you don't need to change any options) to add the block to the page
      5. Click Save Layout at the top of the page.