Your main navigation is created alphabetically by default when you select a parent (main navigation/subject area) in the Menu Settings while creating a Basic Page.  

Changing or adding a parent will change the page’s location in the navigation.

Primary Navigation

Top Level

To add a link to the top level navigation on your site (i.e. the links in the header section under your group name), in the Menu Settings on a Basic Page, select the <your site name> under Parent link. This option will add the page to the top navigation bar and the left navigation list.

Selecting a top navigation page as the Parent link will add the page to the drop down menu that appears when a user hovers over the parent page in the top navigation bar.  This page and its children will be displayed in the left navigation too.

Left Navigation

The left navigation mirrors the primary navigation but can go deeper than two levels. Selecting a Basic Page as the parent will place the parent and its sub-items in the left-hand navigation. 

Quick Links

Quick Links are located in the footer. If your site has a Quick Links menu, you can add a Basic Page to that menu by selecting Quick Links as the Parent link. The full menu can be viewed and reordered from the Menu link on your group home page.

Call to Action Items

Call to Action items (or CTAs) can be added to your group’s homepage on the homepage's edit screen. In the paragragh section, you will have a Call to Action element where you can add a TitleURL and Background Image field.  Please be sure to link to a node ID (e.g. node/123456).

Modify a Menu

To reorder or add an external link to your navigation, login to your homepage (e.g., select the Group tab (Edit mode) or button (View mode) then select OG Menu. Click edit menu to see the navigation for the site.  If a page needs moved, you can drag and drop it to a new location.  The navigation level can be changed if needed. 

Don't lose your work!  Remember to save.

Screenshot of the drupal editing interface

Add an External Link

It is possible to add a link to your site navigation that is not located In Drupal and, therefore not available to add to a menu by selecting a parent in Menu options.  

  1. Select OG Menu, then your main navigation menu.
  2. Select the Add item tab.
  3. Enter the text you want to appear in the navigation in the Menu link title field.
  4. Enter the page URL in the Path field. 
  5. Check both the Enabled and Show as expanded options.
  6. Select the parent of this page.  For example, if you were adding a menu link for Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions would be its parent.
  7. The weight can remain at 0.
  8. Resize to fill the width.
  9. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.