Change a Layout & Add Another Node to It

Does your content need to be displayed in more than one large column on the page?  Or maybe you need to use the same content on several pages? Not a problem!  You can change the page layout and add additional text boxes to the page.

Step 1: Create Additional Content for Placement on the Main Page

  1. Create a new internal basic page and add the information to be added to page.
    1. Do not create a BASIC page. Internal basic pages are kept from search engine crawls and direct URL links.
  2. Save the page.
  3. Note or copy the node ID of the page you created.

Step 2: Access the Layout Editor on the main page

  1. Navigate to the page where you would like content to be added
  2. Click "Open Utilities" and find the layout button at the bottom of page. 

    Screenshot showing the Layout button
  3. Or, select the layout tab from the edit menu.

    screenshot of the page dashboard showing the layout tab

Step 3: Add the internal basic page to the Main Page

  1. Click the + Add block button on the desired section where the new content should be placed 

    Screenshot of the layout editor with "Add Block" buttons visible
  2. Search/select "Rendered Content: Full Content" from the blocks in the right sidebar:
  3. Configure the new existing node by enter the node ID of the page that contains the content you are adding.

    screenshot of the layout editor with "configure block" options
  4. Select the "Add Block" button to add the block to the page.
  5. Select "Save Layout" to save the page's layout


  • You can drag/drop blocks if you want to move them around the page.
  • The "Show content preview" checkbox near the "Save Layout" button can switch to a simplified view of the layout editor if your page is too complicated.