Add Images to the Body or as a Header

IMPORTANT: Use only images and material that you have the right to use. Avoid copyrighted content without permission. Use university-owned photos, purchase stock photos, or creative-commons images only. Using copyrighted material illegally can lead to fines. 


Add an Image to a Body Field

Follow these steps to place and align images in a text box.

  • If needed, enter edit mode.
  • Place your cursor at the start of the line where you want the image to be.
  • Select the add media icon. 
Screenshot of the add media button in Drupal


  • Either...
    • 1) upload a new image, click "Choose File" at the top.
      • Start your image's filename with your group name or abbreviation - this will make it easier for you and other editors to find the images in the future.
      • Browse to locate the image you want to use and upload it.
      • Enter the required Alt Text.
        • (Alt text is how you would describe the image to someone who could not see the image.)
      • Click "Save"
      • Click "Insert Selected" (the image will automatically be selected after uploading)
        • (if the "Insert Selected" button doesn't do anything, you may have forgotten to click into the content where you want the image should be added)
    • Or, 2) use an existing image in the media library, search for and click on the desired image
      • Click "Insert Selected"
  • Align the image left or right if desired by clicking the "edit" button on the image and selecting "Left" or "Right," then hitting "Save"
  • Select wysiwyg from the Display as menu.
  • Save the page after any further changes.

*The display type must be changed to make sure the page saves correctly.

Add a Hero/Feature Image to a Page

Directions on how to add either a large header at the top of a page or a small square image above the navigation are located in the Basic Page Fields instructions.