Tabbed Content

Tabbed View

Tabbed content on the home page is added differently.  Please see the home page tabbed content instructions.

Screenshot of tabbed nodes on a page.

To create a tabbed view as shown in the image above, follow these directions:

  1. Create an Internal Basic Page for each tab. You will want to use Internal Basic Pages because Google does not crawl them as individual pages. This way if a user searches the site, they will see the tab in context and not just the content of one tab.
    1. The Title will be what appears on the tab.
    2. The Body will be the content in the tab.
    3. Once you save the Internal Basic Page, copy the Node ID for later.
  2. Go to the basic page where you want to add the tab view.
    1. Click on the Open Utilities button (located in the bottom right corner in view mode) and select Edit from the pop-up menu.
    2. Scroll to the BP Paragraphs and select Add Paragraph.
    3. The Add Paragraph window will open.
    4. Select Tabbed Nodes from the list.
    5. The Configure new View: Tabs: Tabbed Nodes window will open.
    6. In the Slideshow Reference Pages field, enter the node IDs of the FAQ or basic pages you created to appear in the tab view.
      1. You may add more node IDs by clicking Add another item. 

Note: If the tabs do not appear, go to the Layout menu for the node and verify that the BP Paragraphs block is on the page. If it is not, click "Add Block +" on the relevant section. Then, add the "BP Paragraphs" element to the node. Save the layout.