Basic Editing - Body Copy

The body field is where main content is entered.

(You can click the Maximize icon (a) to see the window as a full screen.)

The functions of the icons shown in rows 1 and 2, from left to right, are listed below the screenshot. 

(Note: depending on your screen size, your icons may be in different spots.)

A screenshot of the CK editor 5 text editor interface with highlights for buttons and rows

Row 1

  • Source - toggle to view the source code (HTML) of body field
    • (Note: generally for more experienced editors.)
  • Re-do
  • Undo
  • Insert an image into the body field
  • Insert an HTML block into the body field
    • (Note: generally for more experienced editors.)
  • Embed a video into the body field
  • Insert table
  • Insert a Link into the body field
    • Use Link to content to link to pages - ONLY LINK TO NODE IDs. Node IDs never change. When the URL or title of a page/department/program/etc. changes, node links will automatically update to the new URL.
  • Insert special characters
  • Full-screen editor (a)
  • Insert horizontal rule divider
  • Show blocks
  • Choose language

Row 2

  • Heading Dropdown - a list of headings for content structuring, important for web accessibility
  • Styles - a list of styling options for the currently-selected content (link, text, list, etc.)
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strike Through
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Clear formatting
  • Insert/remove a bulleted list
  • Insert/remove a numbered list
  • Decrease Indent
  • Increase Indent
  • Create a block quote
  • Text Alignment Options