User Dashboard

Access to your dashboard is available from the top menu bar in view mode, under your username dropdown.

To return to your dashboard, hover over your username in the top left, and select View Profile. Alternatively, go to while logged in.

Your Dashboard features the following:

  • Group Membership - The groups you have permission to edit are displayed. To go to the home page of a site, select the group name from the list.
  • My Directory Listings - the directory listing nodes you have created.
  • Your Content - Search for content you created.
    • To search and view group content from a specific group, select the group from the Group membership list, then select View Group Content from the Group Actions menu available from the black menu bar.
  • Edit Profile - Edit your base profile information that feeds Department Directory Listings on the site's front end.
  • Log out - Hover over your username in the top left and click "Log Out."