Endowed Undergraduate Internship Program

To provide additional support for Kent students and strong credentials upon graduation, the department coordinates a paid summer internship program for qualified undergraduate majors when funds are available.

Endowed Undergraduate Internship ProgramBased on their academic/employment background, sophomore through senior majors are placed with local natural resource companies, environmental firms, and engineering testing companies for the entire summer. 

Employers who wish to learn more about participating in our Endowed Undergraduate Internship Program may contact us by mail at Department of Earth Sciences, Kent State University, Kent OH 44242, by phone at 330-672-2680, or by e-mail at earthsci@kent.edu, or contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Neil Wells.

Endowed Cooperative Department-Industry Internship Program

Among Ohio's 14 state universities, Kent's undergraduate geology program is the only one ever to receive special recognition from the Ohio Board of Regents in the form of a "Program Excellence" grant. The $145,000 grant was used to acquire and upgrade instructional equipment, departmental library materials and maps, and initiate an Endowed Undergraduate Internship Program.

The OBR funding provided the initial principle in an endowed account which continues to grow through interest and additional gifts. Funds from this endowment are provided on a merit basis to support current students through internship experiences with industry partners in Geology related fields. We typically fund on the order of five to ten interns per year through this program with the endowment covering 50% of the internship costs and the industry partner providing the remainder. This program provides excellent real world experience and training to our students and helps us to achieve our nearly 100% placement record for our alumni. Many of our students continue working for their internship company after the completion of their internship, or are hired by the company following their graduation.

Companies who have cooperated in KSU's Department of Geology Endowed Undergraduate Internship Program include:

  • ATC Associates, Inc.
  • BJAAM Environmental, Inc.
  • Emerald Environmental, Inc.
  • Environmental Associates, Inc.
  • Geauga Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Geo-Sci, Inc.
  • Geosearch Logging, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Energy Partners
  • Hull & Associates, Inc.
  • J&L Laboratories, Inc. 
  • MB Operating Co., Inc.
  • Parsons Engineering Sciences
  • Philip Environmental Services Corp.
  • Prime Engineering, Inc. 
  • R&R International, Inc.
  • R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc.
  • Solar Testing Laboratories
  • Vadose Research, Inc. Geologic Services Corp. (Pennsylvania)
  • Handex Environmental, Inc. (Pennsylvania)

External Internship Opportunities