Recent Faculty and Student Research Publications

Photo of Joseph Ortiz


Journal of Paleolimnology, June 2023

A pre-bomb radiocarbon freshwater reservoir correction for the Laurentian Great Lakes

Kalpani M. Ratnayake, Rebecca Clotts, Enriqueta C. Barrera, Beverly Z. Saylor, Joseph D. Ortiz


Photo of Kyle Smart


Soil Systems, June 2023

Surface Coal Mine Soils: Evidence for Chronosequence Development

Kyle E. Smart, David M. Singer


Photo of Daniel Wood


Applied Geochemistry, February 2023

Lime slurry treatment of soils developing on abandoned coal mine spoil: Linking contaminant transport from the micrometer to pedon-scale

Daniel L. Wood, Kortney A, Cole, Elizabeth M. Herndon, David M. Singer


Photo of Carrie Schweitzer


Science, February 2023

A Mesozoic fossil lagerstätte from 250.8 million years ago shows a modern-type marine ecosystem

Xu Dai, Joshua H. F. L. Davies, Zhiwei Yuan, Arnaud Brayard, Maria Ovtcharova, Guanghui Xu, Xiaokang Liu, Christopher P. A. Smith, Carrie E. Schweitzer, Mingtao Li, Morgann G. Perrot, Shouyi Jiang, Luyi Miao, Yiran Cao, Jia Yan, Ruoyu Bai, Fengyu Wang, Wei Guo, Huyue Song, Li Tian, Jacopo Dal Corso, Yuting Liu, Daoliang Chu, Haijun Song

Photo of Daniel Holm


Terra Nova, July 2022

Continent-scale sediment dispersal for the Proterozoic Baraboo Interval quartzites in the Laurentian midcontinent

D.H. Malone, J.P. Craddock, D.K. Holm, Aidan Kreiger, S.J. Baumann


Photo of Timothy Gallagher


The Geological Society of America, April 2022

Five million years of high atmospheric CO2 in the aftermath of the Permian-Triassic mass extinction

M.M. Joachimski, J. Müller, T.M. Gallaher, G. Mathes, D.L. Chu, F. Mouraviev, V. Silantiev, Y.D. Sun, J.N. Tong