Student Resources

Geology Awards and Internships

Resources for help in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Ask Your Professor for help during his/her office hours

Find out if there is Supplemental Instruction for the course and when/where the supplemental instructor meets

The KSU at Stark Tutoring Center is located in the Ground Floor of the Campus Center. They offer Walk-in Math Tutoring, Subject specific tutoring, and E-tutors, these are free, online tutors in Biology, Chemistry, Math, Calculus, Physics, and Statistics. You can chat live, on-line, with tutors.

Kent Campus

Most Residence Halls have tutoring at a variety of hours.  Talk to someone you know at the Kent Campus to find out about tutoring hours there if you are taking a class at Kent or if those hours fit your schedule better.

KSU at the Kent Campus library has drop-in math tutoring.

The Academic Success Center at Kent Campus has Science Tutoring.

Chemistry Specific Resources

This KSU site has a variety of links to help you with chemistry-related issues

Some sites related to specific chemistry-related issues that you might want to visit:

Physics Specific Resources

The Physics Classroom has several physics topics and related review sessions

MIT has online courses in Physics with assignments and exams for practice

Fear of Physics has some rather low budget videos of physics topics

General Science assistance

Khan Academy has tutorials for Math, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry

KSU Math Emporium