Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Earth Science is inherently cross-disciplinary. As a result, faculty in the Department of Earth Sciences collaborate closely as part of several established research and teaching organizations with colleagues from other departments on campus or at other institutions.

A sampling of these groups include:

  • The Center for Ecology and Natural Resource Sustainability: Promoting an understanding of the natural environment and its resources through:
    • scientific research
    • education of students at Kent State University and beyond
    • programs to restore and preserve the integrity or natural areas
    To accomplish these goals, the Center serves as a focal point of organization for both people interested in ecological issues and the natural areas owned by Kent State University. Here you will find information about the research and educational opportunities in Ecology, Environmental Science, and Natural Resource Sustainability at Kent State University and the surrounding Northeast Ohio area. Members from Earth Sciences: Anne Jefferson.
  • Cypris 2019 Newsletter (contact: Alison J. Smith)