Recent M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations

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Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Bradley, J.M. Role of Intra-Pore Geometry and Flow Rate on Length-Scales for the Transition of Non-Fickian to Fickian Contaminant Transport


Hassan, Z. Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change and Stormwater Management on the Flow Regime of Urban Streams: Case Studies of Cleveland, Ohio and Denver, Colorado Singer
Helmer, C. Investigating Eutropication as a Driver of Methanogenesis in the Western Basin of Lake Erie Tessin
Helaney, E. Distribution of Lead (Pb) and Other Trace Metal Concentrations in Soils from Akron, Ohio Singer
Lloyd, E. How Sediment Size Heterogeneity Controls the Piping Potential: A Laboratory Study Singh
Miller, A.        Pore-Scale Sedimentary Structure, Pore-Size Distribution, and Flow Rate Control on the Emergence of the Hydrodynamic Dispersion Phenomenon Singh
Obi, V.  Investigating the Transition from Non-Fickian to Fickian Dispersion with Increasing Length and Flow Rate in Sand Packs: An Experimental Approach Singh
Reinhardt, A. Seasonal and Environmental Influences on Soil O2 and CO2 Concentrations in Abandoned Mine Tailings Gallagher
Woodman, M. Field-Validated Inter-Comparison of Sentinel-2 MSI and Sentinel-3 OLCI Images to Assess Water Quality in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida Ortiz


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Barczok, M.  Geochemical controls over phosphorus bioavailability as a function of redox sensitive iron oxides Singer
Chowdhury, R Geochemical Factors Affecting the Transport and Reactivity of Metas and Pyrite Colloids in Coal Mine Spoils Singer
Hartzell, S.                                   Extinction and Survival of frog crabs (Crustacea: Brachyura: Raninoida) from the Early Cretaceous to the present Schweitzer
Lewis, A.  Characterization and Provenance of Chert Stone Tools Recovered from Central and Northern Ohio Williams
Maguire, E. The effect of volcanic ash deposition on marine environments, invertebrate ecosystems and fossil preservation: integrating field observations and laboratory experiments Feldmann
Miller, J.B. Early Paleogene Brachyura and Sedimentology of the Kambühel Formation, Southern Austria Schweitzer
Ranasinghe, S. Remote Sensing Monitoring the Neuse River Estuary for Potential Water Quality Changes Ortiz
Tashman, J. Utilities of Extinct and Extant Marine Arthropod Cuticle Feldmann
Thompson, D. 
Relationships between the marine environment, predation intensity, and bivalve community diversity from the late Cenozoic Tamiami, Chipola, Jackson Bluff, and Bermont formations of Florida, U.S.A.
Tungate, J. Systematic analysis of phyllocarid mandibles from the Mississippian Marshal Formation in Southern Michigan and the Late Devonian Silica Formation in Northwestern Ohio in the context of phyllocarid mandibles from throughout the continental United States Feldmann


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Bahman, H.                                   Reevaluating the Miocene Mollusk Systematics, Little Cove Point Member, St. Marys Formation, and Examining their Paleoecology, Paleobiodiversity Feldmann
Cole, K. Secondary Mineral Coating Formation and Metal Sequestration in Soils Developing From Mine Spoil Pre-and-Post Treatment With Lime Singer
Dyer, L.  Identifying marine magnetic anomalies using machine learning Rowan
Fu, C. Global Paleomagnetic Data Analysis: Improved Methods of Reconstructing Plate Motions Using Paleomagnetic Data Holm/Rowan
Haas, A.M. Utilizing Degree of Pyritization and Framboidal Pyrite to Compare Lake Deposits From the Modern Sluice Pond With the Ancient Marcellus Formation                                                          Williams
Rahman, FM A. Using Satellite Observations to Assess Suspended Sediment, Algal and Cyanobacteria Composition in Lake Ontario Ortiz
Smart, K.E. Exploring Physical and Chemical Trends in a Chronosequence of Technosols Singer
Smith, C.B. Grain Size Analysis of a Precursor to a Flying spit in the Western Maumee Basin in NW Ohio, and Comparison to the Presque Isle Flying Spit Wells
Timmons, J.    Identifying the Isotopic Signature of Lake Effect Precipitation on the Northeast Ohio Isoscape                                                                                                                                     Jefferson
Zemanek, L.M.  A Geochemical and Mineralogical Comparison of Soil Formation on Mine Spoil and Undisturbed Shale and Their Contributions to Pore Water, Huff Run Watershed, Ohio Singer


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Muzemder, S. Pore-Scale Geometry and Intra-Pore Tortuosity Controls on Flow Enhancement Due to Boundary Slip Singh
Olaoye, I. A Water Quality Modeling of the Old Woman Creek Watershed, Ohio, Under the Influence of Climate Change to Year 2100 Ortiz
Ratnayake Mudiyanselage, K. A Multi-Proxy Approach to Reconstruction of Holocene Climate Change: Evidence From Lake Erie Sedimentary Archives Ortiz
Reuter, K.J.  Experimental Taphonomy of Penaeid Shrimp: Analyses of Morphological Decay in Different Sedimentary Conditions and of Methodological Protocols                              Schweitzer
Santoro, N.D. Lead (Pb) Speciation and Distribution Effects on Urban Neighborhoods in Akron, OH Singer
Tomin, M. Hydroclimatic study of Pilo-Pleistocene aquatic sites in Meade County, Kansas Smith


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Brown, K. Groundwater-Stream Interactions and Water Quality of Former Dam Reservoirs in Northeast Ohio                                                                           Jefferson
Buzulencia, H.C. The Characterization and Survey of Inorganic Sulfur Redox Associated with Wetland Hydrological Fluctuations Jefferson
Delaney, R.K.  Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Collecting Discontinuity Orientation Data for Slope Stability Analysis: Two Case Studies From Virginia                                                  Shakoor
Duroe, K.A. Iron Redox Cycling and Impacts on Phosphorus Solubility in Tundra and Boreal Ecosystems Herndon
Ice, B.W. Reconstructing the Paleoclimate of the Middle Devonian Using Marcellus Shale Geochemical Signatures, Seneca Falls, NY Williams
Joliet, C.E. The Effect of Gravel Content and Size on the Permeability of Sandy Soils Shakoor
Judice, T.J. Detecting Color-Producing Pigments in the Indian River Lagoon by Remote Sensing Ortiz
Laubscher, S. Manganese Uptake in Red Maple Trees in Response to Mineral Dissolution Rates in Soil Herndon
Lokre, C.V. Effect of Density, Initial Water Content, Drying Temperature, Layer Thickness, and Plasticity Characteristics on Shrinkage Crack Development in Clay Soils: An Experimental Study Shakoor
Plauche, M.A. Land Cover and Infrastructure Influences on Chloride and Nitrate Concentrations of Urban Streams in Northeast Ohio Jefferson
Simone, D.M. Geochemistry and Provenance of Chert Stone Tools, Coshocton County, Ohio Williams
Wilsbacher, M.C. Geological and Geochemical Analyses of the Custer Peak Igneous Intrusion, Black Hills, South Dakota Hacker
Yazbek, L.D.  Hydrogeochemical Factors Influencing Metal Transport and Transformation in a Stream Impaired by Acid Mine Drainage Herndon
Yost, S.L. Paleocene Decapods, Survivor Taxa of the Kambuhel Formation, Lower Austria, and Their Relationship to Decapod Diversity Across the K/T Boundary Feldmann  


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Avouris, D.M. Keeping an Eye on Lake Erie: Using Remote Sensing to Identify Characteristics of Harmful Algal Blooms                                                                                 Ortiz
Bahman, H.  Systematics and Paleoecology of Miocene Portunid and Cancrid Decapod Fossils from the St. Marys Formation, Maryland                                                      Feldmann
Blauch, G.A. Abundance, Mobility, and Geomorphic Effects of Large Wood in Urban Streams Jefferson           
Hunter, S.K. Geologic and Paleomagnetic Study of the Miocene Haycock Mountain Tuff: Markagunt Plateau, Southwest Utah Hacker
Koons, R.C. Discrepancy of Organic Richness Within the Oatka Creek and Union Springs of the Marcellus Formation  Williams
Korte, D.M. Landslide Distribution and Susceptibility, Material Properties, and Soil Loss Estimates for the Drift Creek Watershed (Siletz River), Lincoln County, Oregon Shakoor
Ruhm, C.T. The Effects of Two Types of Reclamation on Abandoned Non-Coal Surface Mines in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio Jefferson
Shaw, M.E. Concentration-Discharge Behavior of Contaminants in a Stream Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage Herndon
Sugano, L.L. Comparing Bioretention Cell and Green Roof Performance in Parma, OH Jefferson
Wood, D.L. Lime Treatment of Coal Mine Spoil Impacted Soils in the Huff Run Watershed of Northeast Ohio Singer
Yeakley, J.A. Influence of Salt Tectonics on Seafloor Morphology From Algeria to Sardinia Shakoor


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Harding, M. R.   A Geophysical Study of Upper Silurian Salina Group in Northeastern Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                           Rowan                 
Poluga, S. L.  Rock Mass Characterization and Stability Evaluation of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, South Dakota Shakoor
Zeng, F Holocene Environmental Evolution in the Yellow River Delta Ortiz


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Bonini, N.  Assessing the Variability of Phytoplankton Assemblages in Old Woman Creek, Ohio                                                                                                                                              Ortiz
Gerwitz, A. Evaluating Potential Growth Strategies Using Bone Histology in Pleistocene-Holocene Odocoileus Virginianus (Mammalia) From Florida Green
Jacklitch, C.J. A Geotechnical Investigation of the 2013 Fatal Rockfall in Rockville, Utah Shakoor
Jones, W. T.  A Taxonomic and Morphologic Assessment of Some Crustaceans and Crustacean-Like Problematica Feldmann
Malizia, J. P.  Effect of Water Content and Density on Strength and Deformation Behavior of Clay Soils Shakoor
Sudarsky, S. A Phylogenetic Analysis of Fossil and Extant Shrimp-Like Decapods (Dendrobranchiata and Caridea) Schweitzer
Traub, E. L.   The Effects of Biogeochemical Sinks on the Mobility of Contaminants in an Area Affected by Acid Mine Drainage, Huff Run, Ohio Singer                  


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Dirringer, S. W. V.  Landslide Inventory Mapping of the Drift Creek Watershed, Lincoln County, Oregon, Using Lidar Data                                                                                                     Shakoor              
Engle, K. J.   A Late Glacial-Early Holocene Paleoclimate Signal From the Ostracode Record of Twin Ponds, Vermont Smith
Jarden, K. M. Assessing Hydrologic Impacts of Street-Scale Green Infrastructure Investments for Suburban Parma, Ohio Jefferson
Maguire, E.P. Volcanic Ash as a Cause for Mass Kills of Decapod Crustaceans During the Miocene in Northern Patagonia Feldmann
Prvanovic, A.  Influence of Soil Joints on Permeability of Glacial Till Shakoor
Widanagamage, I. H.  Stable Strontium Isotope Fractionation in Abiotic and Microbially Mediated Barite in Modern Continental Settings Griffith/Singer


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Brenner, A. R.  Determination of Baffin Bay Sediment Composition Variability and Provenance Ortiz
Glassmeyer, M. P.  Geological and Geotechnical Factors Responsible for Landslide Susceptibility of the Kope Formation in Cincinnati, Ohio Shakoor
Kornecki, K. Cretaceous Confluence in the Coon Creek Formation (Maastrichtian) of Mississippi and Tennessee, USA: Taphonomy and Systematic Paleontology of a decapod Konservat-Lagerstätte Feldmann
Lyle, C. A. Petrographical, Thermochronological, and Geochemical Analysis of Pan-African Age Metamorphic and Shear Zone Rocks in Western Ethiopia and Southern Sri Lanka Holm
Mathias, Jr., F. F.  A Plio-Pleistocene Record of Lacustrine Ostracodes From Butte Valley, California: Faunal Responses to Tectonic and Climatic Change Smith
Mihindukulasooriya, L. N.  A Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Paleolimnology and Paleoclimatic Variability Using Authigenic Lake Carbonates From Cleland Lake, British Columbia Ortiz
Onur, E. M. Predicting the Permeability of Sandy Soils from Grain Size Distributions Shakoor
Reilly, D. A. Identification of Local Ground Water Pollution in Northeastern Pennsylvania: Marcellus Flow-back or Not? Jefferson and Singer
Siriwardana, C.H.E.R., Ph.D. Characterization of Paleoclimate and Marine Processes Associated with Late Pleistocene Glacial Sedimentation of the Chukchi Margin, Arctic Ocean Ortiz
Sload, E. J. Microwear Analysis of Crab Claw Fingers: A Functional Morphological Approach Feldmann
Stepp, A. Descriptions and Biodiversity of Decapods in the Seroe Domi Formation of Curaçao                                                                                                                           Feldmann
Tashman, J. N.  A Taxonomic and Taphonomic Analysis of Late Jurassic Horseshoe Crabs from Lagerstatte in Central Poland Feldmann
Tizzano, A. S. A Geotechnical Investigation of the October 2011 Cedar City Landslide, Utah Shakoor
Wiles, S. G. Nature and Mechanisms of Displacements at Wolf Creek Dam, Jamestown, Kentucky Shakoor


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Atallah, N. W. An Investigation of the Origin of Rock City and Cause of Piping Problems at Mountain Lake, Giles County, Virginia Shakoor
Bonini, N. Comparison of VNIR Derivative and Visible Fluorescence Spectroscopy Methods for Pigment Estimation in an Estuarine Ecosystem: Old Woman Creek, Huron, Ohio Ortiz
Frantescu, A. L., Ph.D. Comparative study of the Eocene fossil Decapod crustaceans of the North American Atlantic Coast and European Tethyan Provinces Feldmann
Frantescu, O. D., Ph.D. Systematics, paleobiogeography, and paleoecology of Cretaceous Decapod faunas from northeast Texas Feldmann
Harrison, J. A. A correlation of Western Arctic Ocean sedimentation during the Late Holocene with an atmospheric temperature proxy record from a glacial lake in the Brooks Range, Alaska Ortiz
Hull, A. L. Geochronology and thermochronology of Precambrian basement drill core samples in Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota Holm
Jones, A. Population Dynamics of Dakoticancer ovranus from the Pierre Shale, South Dakota. Schweitzer
Nwaodua, E. C. Last Deglacial Arctic to Pacific Transgressions via the Bering Strait: Implications for Climate, Meltwater Source, Ecosystems and Southern Ocean Wind Strength Ortiz
Robins, C. M., Ph.D. Systematics and phylogeny of the fossil Galatheoidea (Anomura, Decapoda): Uncovering their evolutionary path Feldmann
Waugh, D. A., Ph.D. Utility of fossil cuticle morphology applied to the taphonomy and taxonomy of Decapod crustaceans Feldmann


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Bloxon, J. M. Characterization of the Porosity Distribution within the Clinton Formation, Ashtabula County, Ohio by Geophysical Core and Well Logging Ortiz
Enzweiler, K. A Geotechnical characterization of the epikarst at the Clearwater dam site, Wayne County, Missouri Shakoor
Scheiner, S. W. Refining Paleoproterozoic Sedimentary Sequence Boundaries in East-Central Minnesota, Carlton County: Implications for Source, Age, Correlations, and Tectonic Histories Holm
Aaron, G. L. A geochemical and hydrologic comparison and assessment of acid mine drainage in glaciated and unglaciated eastern Ohio Griffith
Safai Jazi, R. Simulation of groundwater flow system in Sand Lick Watershed, Boone County, West Virginia (numerical modeling approach) Eckstein
Klompmaker, A. A., Ph.D. Mesozoic Decapod Diversity with an Emphasis on the Early Cretaceous (Albian) of Spain Feldmann
Gautam, T., Ph.D. An Investigation of Disintegration Behavior of Mudrocks Based on Laboratory and Field Tests Shakoor
Cope, N. Thermochronology and geochronology of the Otter Lake region, QC, Central Metasedimentary Belt, Grenville Province Holm
Seyoum, W. Hydraulic Relationships Between Buried Valley Sediments and Adjacent Bedrock Formations Eckstein


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Dalqamouni, A. Y., Ph.D. Development of a Landslide Hazard Rating System for Selected Counties in Northeastern Ohio Shakoor
Ali, K.A., Ph.D. Prediction of Water Quality Parameters from VIR Spectral Radiometry: Using Lake Erie as a Natural Laboratory for Analysis of Case 2 Waters Ortiz
Amey, K. S., Ph.D. Hydrology And Predictive Model Of Headwater Streams And The Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions Supporting Brook Trout Habitat In Northeast Ohio Smith
Maharjan, M. Interpretation of Domestic Water Well Production Data as a Tool for Detection of Bedrock Fractured Zones under Cover of the Glacial Formations in Geauga County, Ohio Eckstein
Widanagamage, I. H. EMPA Dating of Monazite from High Grade Metamorphic Rocks along the Highland-Vijayan Boundary Zone, Sri Lanka Holm
Siriwardana, C. H. E. R. Paleoclimatic characterization of Arctic Ocean Sediments around the Northwind Ridge using XRF and VNIR Ortiz
Wells, K. Paleoecology of Beringian Lacustrine Deposits as Indicated by Northern Hemisphere Ostracode Biogeography Smith
Mehrotra, N. Reconstructions of Holocene paleoclimate based on benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Soledad Basin Ortiz
Nowicki, L. A. Engineering Geology Considerations for Re-alignment of Interstate 70/76 across the Landslide at New Baltimore, Somerset County, SW Pennsylvania Shakoor
Razzano, M. L. Monitoring Algal Production in Akron Water Supply Reservoirs in Northeastern Ohio Using Satellite Imagery Witter
Fisher, J. E. Collection and analysis of structural data for design of road cuts, I-81 expansion project, Virginia Shakoor


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Admassu, Y., Ph.D. Developing Design Methodology for Cut Slopes in Ohio Shakoor
Ranasinghe, P. N., Ph.D. Holocene Coastal Development in Southeastern – Eastern Sri Lanka: Paleodepositional Environments and Paleo-coastal Hazards Ortiz
Dennison-Budak, C. W. Ostracodes as Indicators of the Paleoenvironment in the Pliocene Glenns Ferry Formation, Glenns Ferry Lake, Idaho Smith
Hojnowski, J. C. Tying Together Textures, Temperatures and Timing in the Western Tatra Mountains, Slovakia Holm


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Fein, E. M. Flow fabric determination of two Mesoproterozoic midcontinent rift dike swarms, northeastern Minnesota. Holm
Frantescu, O. D. Brachyuran decapods (Including Five New Species and One New Genus) from Jurassic (Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian) Coral Reef Limestones from Dobrogea, Romania. Feldmann
Woodward, S. Carbonate Sediment Deposition in the Village of Titiana from the Solomon Islands Tsunami of April 2, 2007 Ortiz
Ghosh, A. Reconnaissance U-Pb Geochronology of Precambrian Crystalline Rocks in the Northern Black Hills, South Dakota: Implications for Regional Thermotectonic History Dahl
Wendlandt, N. A Geotechnical Evaluation of the Launched Soil-Nailing Method of Landslide Stabilization in Summit County, Ohio Shakoor
Hark, J. S. Zircon, monazit, and zenotime as provenance indicators in selected Precambrian crystalline rocks, Black Hills uplift, South Dakota Dahl


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Robins, C. Systematics of the Late Jurassic members of the superfamily Galatheoidea Samouelle, 1819, from the Ernstbrunn Limestone of Ernstbrunn, Austria. Feldmann
Vlack, Y. A Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Library of Clay Minerals and Clay Mixtures within the VIS/NIR Bands. Ortiz
Griffin, J. A. Development of a Rating Classification for Rock to be Used as Toe-Bench Material Shakoor
Jones, C. L. U-Pb Geochronology of Monazite and Zircon in Precambrian Metamorphic Rocks from the Ruby Range, SW Montana: Deciphering Geological Events the Shaped the NW Wyoming Province Dahl
Weghorst, P. L. Modis Algorithm Assessment and Principal Component Analysis of Chlorophyll Concentration in Lake Erie Witter


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Balogun, A. High Resolution Paleoclimatic Reconstruction of the Rose Run Formation of Eastern Ohio Using Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Ortiz
Crawford, R. S. Paleoecological Analysis of Faunal Disparity Within a Constrained Horizon of the Monet Leon Formation, Early Miocene, Southern Argentina Feldmann
Nandi, A., Ph.D. Factors Affecting the Frequency and Distribution of Landslides in Selected Counties of Northeast Ohio Shakoor
Rhenberg, E. C. Biotic Interactions of Bivalves from the Late Cretaceous Coon Creek Type Section of McNairy County, Tennessee Feldmann
Wijekoon, N., Ph.D. Spatial and Temporal Variability of Surface Cover in an Estuarine Ecosystem from Satellite Imagery and Field Observations Ortiz
Wilsbacher, M. C. Reconstructing Past Climate of the Soledad Basin from Planktonic Foraminiferal Faunal Assemblages Ortiz


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Gross, A. L. Dating of Fine-Grained Monazite in Paleoproterozoic Shear Zones in Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota Holm
Hajdarwish, A., Ph.D. Geologic Controls of Shear Strength Behavior of Mudrocks Shakoor
Jovanelly, T. J., Ph.D. Tsunami Origin for an ~1100 year old enigmatic sand sheet in Lynch Voer, Puget Sound, Washington Moore
Ruffolo, R. M. Variability of Unconfined Compressive Strength Measurements of Rock in Relation to the Number of Core Samples Tested Shakoor
Shirk, A. M. A Novel Assemblage of Decapod Crustacea, From a Tithonian Coral Reef Olistolith, Purcareni, Romania: Systematical Arrangement and Biogeographical Perspective Feldmann
Stonier, P. J. EMPA Dating of Monazite from Metaquartzites and Metapelites, Southern Wisconsin Holm


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Arnold, B. J. Paleomagnetic Study of Miocene Vertical Axis Rotations in the Pine Valley Mountains, Southwestern Utah Holm
Asim, Y. M., Ph.D. Hydrochemical Characterization and Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow in a Part of the Himalayan foreland Basin Eckstein & Dahl
Clement, S. M., Ph.D. Modeling the Pluvial Lakes of the Great Basin During the Last Glacial Maximum Craig
Cornell, D. A. Structure, Stratigraphy, and Geologic History of the Southwest Half of the Pinto Quadrangle, Southwest Utah Holm
Loofboro, J. Timing and Nature of Proterozoic Poly-Metamorphism in Central Wisconsin Holm


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Andrews, D. C. A Geotechnical and Geomorphological Investigation of Cuyahoga River Bank Erosion Within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Northeastern Ohio Shakoor
Barefield, E. Effect of Varying Degrees of Saturation on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Selected Sandstones Shakoor
Dokter, C. H. Development of Rock Fall Hazard Potential Maps of State Route 7 Along the Ohio River, Using a Geographical Information System Shakoor
McKenzie, M. A. Age Pattern and Nature of Late Paleoproterozoic Metamorphism of the Penokean Crust, East-Central Minnesota Holm
Morris, M. D. A Geotechnical Characterization of the Pittsburgh Redbeds Shakoor
Shevlin, T. D. A Geotechnical Evaluation of Lime Kiln Dust (Lime-Pozzolan) as a Stabilizing Agent for Highway Subgrades Shakoor
Tinsley, R. S. A Geotechnical Investigation of the New Baltimore Landslide Along I-76 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania Shakoor
Woodard, M. J., Ph.D. Development of a Rockfall Hazard Rating Matrix for the State of Ohio Shakoor


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Miller, M. R. An Investigation of Argon Retention Properties of K-Bearing Amphiboles, Southern Grenville Province, USA and Canada Dahl
O'Boyle, C. L. Age Pattern and Nature of Metamorphism of Subterranes Along the Deformed Penokean Continental Margin, Northwest Wisconsin Holm
Roberts, J. M. Risk Assessment for the Winkelpeck Burning Grounds within the Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant, Portage County, Ohio Carlson
Davis, J. W. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Catchment Ditches Along Ohio Roadways Shakoor
Snyder, J. L. Improved Interpolation of Atmospheric Trajectories from General Circulation Model Windfields Craig


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Cosma, T. N. Late Tertiary Climate Variations Inferred from Ostracode Data, Anza-Borrego Desert, Southern California, USA Smith
McCombs, J. A. Geochronology of Precambrian Basement and Adjacent Rocks, Black Hills, South Dakota Dahl
Waugh, D. Analytical Cuticle Classification Feldmann
Martt, D. A Geotechnical Investigation of the Sliding Failure of the Austin Dam, Potter County, Pennsylvania Shakoor
Amarasinghe, P. M. A Geotechnical Investigation of the Anisotropy of Selected "Varve-like" Sediments Shakoor
Nyborg, T. G. Fossil Decapod Crustaceans From the Early to Middle Miocene Astoria Formation, Washington and Oregon, USA Feldmann
McLean-Jones, C. Ostracode Distribution and Hydrogeochemical Variability in a Fen Wetland Smith


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Brooks, T. D. Effects of Molding Water Content on the Engineering Properties of Compacted Soils Shakoor
Filkorn, H. F., Ph.D. Early and Middle Cretaceous Corals from Southwestern Mexico Feldmann
Francisco, B. H. A Geotechnical Evaluation of the Potential Use of Selected Waste Materials for Line Spoil Stabilization Shakoor
Greene, B. H., Ph.D. Predicting the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Mudrocks for Design of Structural Foundations Shakoor
Muller, B. J. Application of Spatial Analysis to Nonmarine Ostracode Distribution in North America Smith
Rauber, C. A Geotechnical Investigation of the Altered Rock Material Adjacent to Joint Surfaces in Shale Rock at Selected Sites in Ohio, Northern West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania Shakoor
Schweitzer, D. J. The Origin, Extent, and Nature of Post-Tectonic Plutonism in the Hinterland Region of the Penokean Orogeny in East-Central Minnesota Holm
Smithmyer, A. J. Storm-Induced Shallow Landslides in Colluvial Soils Along a Section of I-77, Ohio Shakoor


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Drummond, J. M. Effect of Spatial and Temporal Variability in Natural Organic Matter Chemistry in a Freshwater Wetland in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey Maurice
Aceves, A. B. The Engineering Geology of Whiskey Island Marina, Cleveland, Ohio, with Special Attention to the Geotechnical Aspects of Dredged Sediment Shakoor
Haj, A. E. A New Cuticular Micro-structure of Cretacoranina punctata (Decapoda), Texas Feldmann
Jones, D. M. The Development of Complex Joints and Associated Infillings and Laterations in Two Late Paleozoic Formation in Ohio Wells
Khan, M. A. An Investigation of Stress Relief Joints with Respect to Slope Stability Problems in Eastern Ohio Shakoor
Mancuso, C. Thermal History of the Dunbar Dome and Peavy Node Areas of Northeastern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA Holm
Manwaring, M. D. Effect of Calcium-Oxide in the Heave Potential of an Expansive Soil Shakoor
Schweitzer, C. E., Ph.D. Systematics and Paleobiogeography of Fossil Decapod Crustaceans of the North Pacific Ocean Feldmann
Sundback, S. A. Paleo-environmental Interpretation of the Eocene Green River Formation in Central Utah Wells
Timofeyeva, M. M., Ph.D. Analysis and Modeling of the Stochastic Structure of Local Climate as a Downscaling Procedure from a General Circulation Model Craig


Student Thesis/Dissertation Advisor
Hale, P. The Effects of Cyclic Heating and Cooling, Wetting and Drying, and Freezing and Thawing on the Unconfined Compressive Strength of Selected Sandstones Shakoor
Bacon, S. Seasonal Constraints on Chemical Composition and Isotopic Ratios in Ostrocode Shells from Page Pond, Ohio. Smith
Manecki, M., Ph.D. Reactions of Aqueous Pb(II) with Apatites Maurice
McFarland, B. Mineralization in the Serpent Mound Disturbance and the Surrounding Region: An Investigation Using Sulfur Isotopes, Fluid Inclusions, and Trace Elements Carlson
Miller, T. Development of an Automated Data Acquisition and Control Unit for the Pneumatic Oedometer Shakoor
Pomfrey, M Argon Thermochronology of Metamorphic Biotite and Horneblende from the Adirondack Lowlands New York: Evidence for Post ~900 Ma Westward Tilting of a Slowly Cooled Grenville Terrane Dahl
Romano, D. Thermochronologic and Microtextural Studies of Precambrian Rocks in Central and Northwestern Wisconsin Holm
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