MAT Program: Application Process and Admission Requirements

Step 1: Prior to Application

Request a Content Evaluation (please visit the Program Overview page for eligible “teaching fields”).
Coursework in your intended content area/teaching field (ie, subject you wish to teach) is not part of the MAT program and is expected to be completed in advance of the 11-month accelerated MAT.  You must have completed all necessary prerequisite undergraduate content coursework or be in progress with your final content courses at the time of the MAT application deadline. Applicants of the two-year MAT may carry in up to 30 credit hours of undergraduate content area coursework.

Almost all potential MAT candidates can expect that they will need additional prerequisite content courses prior to the MAT. It is more a matter of how many hours you will need; and this is dependent upon coursework taken in your prior degree program and how closely these courses align with content courses required in your intended content area/licensure concentration. On average, it will take a MAT candidate one year to complete prerequisite undergraduate content coursework and one year to complete the MAT program. However, it is all dependent upon how closely your prior major/degree program fits with a 7-12 core academic content area.

It is strongly recommended that you request a content evaluation in advance of starting the MAT application process. The content evaluation determines your eligibility for the MAT program. To request a content evaluation, please email unofficial transcripts along with your intended content area/teaching field to Erin Harwood, Graduate Academic Advisor for EHHS, Transcripts for current KSU undergraduates or recent KSU graduates can be accessed internally.

Please be advised: To be accepted into the program, you must have had experience with the age group you are hoping to teach. Evidence of these experiences should be highlighted in your essay and will be presented to the faculty at the admission interview.

Step 2: Formal Application Process for 2024


Download MAT Application Process PDF

The admission process to the MAT is handled completely online. Your application and materials will be processed by the Graduate Admissions office.

Street Address: 800 E. Summit St., 161 Schwartz Center, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242
Mailing Address (Transcripts): Graduate Admissions, P.O. Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242
Phone: 330-672-2444
Toll-Free: 1-800-988-KENT
Email (for questions/issues and Electronic Transcripts):

Your application should be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the program deadline to allow Graduate Admissions adequate time to process your application and required documents. Your application file will NOT be forwarded to the College of EHHS for review until all outstanding application requirements have been completed and processed.

Please contact Graduate Admissions directly for questions/issues regarding your pending application.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants will be assessed holistically, considering: academic credentials; academic or professional references; non-academic dimensions; and other specific program criteria.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Official transcript(s) - You must submit all transcripts from each college/university (other than Kent State) where a degree was conferred (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, etc.). You may upload copies of OFFICIAL transcripts to speed up the app process; but if offered admission, you are required to submit OFFICIAL transcripts directly from these institutions.
  • Minimum 2.75 undergraduate (cumulative/overall) GPA
  • Two recommendations - It is HIGHLY recommended you use the online application recommender system; you only need to submit names/emails of two recommenders - you do not need to submit letters. Suggested recommenders can include college professors, supervisors, colleagues, etc.
  • Résumé - to be uploaded during application process
  • 1000-word essay explaining desire to teach - Try to inform the reader the following about yourself and your potential as a future teacher: What qualities and experiences do you have that you believe will help to make you an effective teacher? What experiences do you have as a "teacher"? Include any volunteer experiences where you worked with children (and note specifically when the children were between 12 and 18) in an organized situation. Describe the situation(s) and your involvement. Include a brief statement to conclude your essay which communicates your desire to become a teacher.
  • Questions in Anticipation of Licensure form - This form is embedded within the online application.
  • Content evaluation showing completion of prerequisite content area coursework (should be on file with Erin Harwood, Graduate Academic Advisor in 418 White Hall)
  • Interview - conducted prior to full acceptance into the program

In addition, it is expected that you have had experience with the age group that you are hoping to teach, 7th - 12th graders. Having a substitute teaching license and getting on substitute lists for days you are not in class, coaching, and/or tutoring are just a few options to help fulfill this expectation. Evidence of these experiences will be presented to the faculty at the admission interview and should be highlighted in your essay.

Steps/Hints for the online application process

Steps to start:

Visit the Graduate Degree Student Requirements Webpage. Review the page and click “Apply Now”.

From here, first-time users will create an account/login (save this information so you can go in and out of app).

This will bring you to the Application Portal where you will “Start a New Application”. Select “Graduate” and “Create Application”.  You can go in and out of the portal as you like to complete your application, and you can visit it to check the status of your application.

A few hints as you enter the information in the online application:

Under Initial Questions Graduate tab: SELECT “Masters” for the degree or credential you are pursuing (even though you are also pursuing licensure).

Under Academic Plan Graduate tab:

  • Scroll down through “College of Education, Health & Human Services, Masters” until you reach “Secondary Education - MAT……” and select your intended Secondary Education MAT licensure concentration.
  • Under “Intended Start Term”, SELECT: Summer 2024 (this program only starts in summer).

Under Program Requirements: Education: This is the page where you will upload your résumé and MAT essay and complete the embedded Questions in Anticipation of Licensure form. Please select “NO” for the question regarding applying for a “combined program”.

All graduate applications submitted are assessed a $45 non-refundable application fee. It is highly recommended you consider submitting your online application during our FREE application week (October 23-30, 2023) to save yourself the application feeYou do NOT need to upload all required admission documents at this time to take advantage of the application fee waiver. Any unfinished admission documents, including unofficial transcripts, can be uploaded at a later time through your Status Page on your Application Portal (available once you submit your app). Please be aware that your application will not be forwarded to the College of EHHS for review until all outstanding requirements have been satisfied. Applications to our initial teacher licensure programs, including the Secondary MAT, are reviewed as a cohort (per accreditation standards) after the January 15, 2024 deadline. Early submission of your application does not mean an early admission decision.