MAT Program: Application Process and Admission Requirements

Step 1: Prior to Application

Request a Content Evaluation (for list of eligible MAT content areas, please visit the Program Overview page).
Coursework in your intended content area/teaching field (ie, subject you wish to teach) is not part of the MAT program and is expected to be completed in advance of the 11-month accelerated MAT.  You must have completed all necessary prerequisite undergraduate content coursework or be in progress with your final content courses at the time of the MAT application deadline. Applicants of the two-year MAT may carry in up to 30 credit hours of content area coursework.

It is strongly recommended that you request a content evaluation in advance of starting the MAT application process.  The content evaluation determines your eligibility for the MAT program.  To request a content evaluation, please email unofficial transcripts along with your intended content area/teaching field to Erin Harwood, Graduate Academic Advisor for EHHS, eharwood [at]  Transcripts for current KSU undergraduates or recent KSU graduates can be accessed internally.  Please be aware that due to the high demand of these requests, content evaluations can take up to a month to complete/return.

Please be advised: To be accepted into the program, you must have had experience with the age group you are hoping to teach. Evidence of these experiences will be presented to the faculty at the admission interview.

Step 2: Formal Application Process

ANNUAL APPLICATION DEADLINE: JANUARY 15. We advise you to submit your application by late November/early December. Any application received after January 15 may be considered for the following academic year (which begins in the summer semester).

The admission process to the MAT is handled completely online. Your application will be processed by the Division of Graduate Studies, our centralized graduate admission office:

Cartwright Hall
650 Hilltop Drive
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242
Phone: 330-672-2661 / Toll Free: 855-277-6952
Fax: 330-672-6262
Email: gradapps [at]

Your application should be completed at least 6-8 weeks prior to the program deadline (that is, by December 1) to allow Graduate Studies adequate time to process your application and required documents. Your application file will NOT be forwarded to the College of EHHS for review until all outstanding application requirements have been completed and processed.

Please contact Graduate Studies directly for questions/issues regarding your pending application.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants will be assessed holistically, considering: academic credentials; standardized test scores of reading, writing, and mathematics; academic or professional references; non-academic dimensions; and other specific program criteria.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university for unconditional admission
  • Official transcript(s) [Please include all records of over 8 credit hours of attempted coursework from every institute of higher education]
  • Minimum 3.000 undergraduate (cumulative/overall) GPA for unconditional admission
  • Praxis Core tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Résumé
  • 1000-word essay explaining desire to teach
  • Questions in Anticipation of Licensure form
  • Content evaluation showing completion of prerequisite content area coursework (should be on file with Erin Harwood, Graduate Academic Advisor in 418 White Hall)
  • Interview (Conducted prior to full acceptance into the program)

In addition, it is expected that you have had experience with the age group that you are hoping to teach, 7th - 12th graders. Having a substitute teaching license and getting on substitute lists for days you are not in class, coaching, and/or tutoring are just a few options to help fulfill this expectation. Evidence of these experiences will be presented to the faculty at the admission interview and should be highlighted in your essay.

Application Tips:

  1. Gather/Prepare Application Requirements: We recommend gathering as many completed documents/requirements as possible and submitting the online graduate masters application (and paying the application fee) in early October so that we can begin tracking your application file. You will be instructed to upload your documents (i.e. transcripts, goal statement (essay), forms…). You can submit the online application without all documents/requirements completed, and then upload the documents/requirements at a later time through the application portal checklist page as you complete them. This will help with graduate admission processing time and allows us to track your application file. The online application window for the 2020 MAT should open in mid-August 2019.
  2. Checklist: The application portal checklist page (available after you "submit" your application) will identify any outstanding requirements needed to complete your application. Your application will not be forwarded to the College of EHHS for review until all outstanding requirements have been satisfied. For your convenience, you will also be able to upload documents through your application portal checklist page.
  3. Letters of Recommendation: The MAT program requires two letters of recommendation. You will be asked within the application to identify your recommenders and provide their email addresses. The automated recommendation system will send an email to each recommender requesting they complete a recommendation form/letter for you. Through the application portal, you will be able to send reminders to your recommenders or change your recommenders.
  4. Test scores: The MAT program requires the Praxis Core tests in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics ( Please request that scores be sent directly from the test provider (ETS). We do NOT accept test scores provided by applicants. Read more at MAT Program: Praxis Core tests.
  5. Transcripts: Kent State University requires applicants to submit a copy of official transcripts from each college or university in which 8 or more semester credit hours were attempted. This includes both graduate and undergraduate coursework. You may upload a copy of your official transcript in the application, or you may forward your official transcript in a sealed envelope to Kent State University. Applicants offered admission will be required to submit all official transcripts issued directly from the originating university.
  6. Application Fee: There is a $45 nonrefundable application fee. You will be prompted to submit payment via the online application.
  7. You can save and exit the application at any time and return to it prior to submission.

Your application should be completed at least 6-8 weeks prior to the program deadline (that is, by December 1) to allow Graduate Studies adequate time to process your application and required documents. Your application file will NOT be forwarded to the College of EHHS for review until all outstanding application requirements have been completed and processed.

Please gradapps [at] (contact Graduate Studies directly) for questions/issues regarding your pending application.

Steps to Completing the Online Master’s Degree Application

Please note: The online application window for the 2020 MAT program is currently closed. It will open in mid-August 2019.

  1. Open the online master’s degree application.
  2. If you have not already done so, begin by creating an account via the link titled "Create your account."
  3. Select "Online Application" to begin after collecting application materials.
  4. Under the Begin Application section, select these prompts:
    • Domestic or Intl Applicant: "Domestic"
    • For Which Type of Program..: "Masters"
    • Check to acknowledge that you have been provided with the "Guide to Graduate Education." A full download is available upon clicking the link.
  5. You will then complete the following sections: Applicant Information, Address and Phone, Personal Information.
  6. Read the information under each heading carefully. You can upload copies of OFFICIAL transcripts at the time of application. Please be aware that if formally admitted to the program, you will then be required to submit official transcripts by the second week of a student's first semester of attendance or a registration hold will be placed on the account. You must submit all transcripts (undergraduate and graduate) for which at least 8 semester hours or more were attempted. Kent State transcripts can be accessed internally and do not need to be uploaded.
  7. You will then complete the Education section of the application. Here, select all universities at which 8 or more hours were attempted at the graduate or undergraduate level (including those taken during high school). You will also upload transcripts at this time.
  8. Under the Intended Major section (this is where you declare your program/major):
    • Click on: "The College of Education, Health and Human Services"
    • Select: "Secondary Education-Degree Name-Master of Arts in Teaching"
    • Click on the program name, select Term: "Summer 2020"
    • Hit "Select Program" button
    • Under Concentration: Select your content area (e.g., "Social Studies")
  9. Under the Additional Requirements section:
    • Are you applying for a combined bachelor's/master's program? Select "NO"
  10. Under the Test Scores section - This is where you indicate if and when you have taken the Praxis Core tests or the date on which you plan to take the tests.
  11. Under the Experience section - This is where you will upload your current resume.
  12. Under the Additional Documents section, you will see:
    • "Goal Statement" - This is where you upload your MAT essay. The essay should be 1,000 words, double-spaced. Please type and double-space your response. In addition, use a standard size and font (12 point, Times New Roman).
      Try to inform the reader the following about yourself and your potential as a future teacher: What qualities and experiences do you have that you believe will help to make you an effective teacher? What experiences do you have as a "teacher"? Include any volunteer experiences where you worked with children (and note specifically when the children were between 12 and 18) in an organized situation. Describe the situation(s) and your involvement. Include a brief statement to conclude your essay which communicates your desire to become a teacher.
    • "Licensure" - This is where you upload the "Questions in Anticipation of Licensure" form.
  13. Under the References section, you will provide the name and email information for each recommendation writer. You may choose to use the online recommendation system. If you select this option, as soon as you select "Submit Recommendation Request" your recommenders will receive an email from Kent State University requesting a letter of recommendation. As a courtesy, you may want to contact your recommenders to notify them of your request and indicate the program to which you are applying. You may select to not use this system if a letter of recommendation is already on file.
  14. Review your application. Ensure that the information is correct. Electronically sign the application and click "Submit." Congratulations on completing your application!

Completed applications will be forwarded to the department for review. Please be prepared to interview with the faculty member reviewing your application. The Division of Graduate Studies will send official notification regarding the status of your application. Please contact them at 330-672-2661 if you have any questions regarding the application process.

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