Faculty by College / Department

Faculty affiliates of ESDRI.  For more details, please click on each person's thumbnail.

Aeronautics and Engineering

  • photo Yanhai Du headshot
    clean energy materials, advanced ceramic materials, feul cell anode, cathode, electrolyte materials, reforming catalyst materials, high-temperature conducting materials, additive manufacturing

Applied and Technical Studies


Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • Diane Stroup
    Biochemistry, Liver Genes, Hormones, Choose Ohio First, STEMM Scholars, Water Resources, biogeochemistry and the environment, human health, Well-being

Communication and Information




Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Elaine Hsiao
    Environmental Conservation, environmental security, environmental peacebuilding, transboundary conservation, Indigenous and community conservation, International environmental law, Environmental Justice, human rights and the environment
  • Ashley Nickels
    Community development, Community Organizations, Nonprofits, Urban Politics & Policy, Qualitative Methodologies, Research Methods, Eocial Equity

Public Health

  • John Hoornbeek
    Professor, Health Policy and Management
    Environmental, Water, & Public Health Policy, Water Pollution, Government Collaboration, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Political Science, Planning & Policy Studies, Public Management & Reform, inter-governmental relations, environmental management, environmental regulation, water regulation, public health management, public health regulation, and E-government.
  • Tara Smith, PhD
    Emerging infectious diseases, Zoonotic diseases, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacterial ecology and antibiotic resistance, Zombies, Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases, rural communities, Global health, environmental contamination, bacterial contamination, bacterial evolution, bacterial epidemiology, vaccine hesitancy
  • Maggie Stedman-Smith
    Environmental Justice, Environmental Health Disparities, communicable infectious disease, influenza, influenza-like-illnesses, hand hygiene, influenza vaccines, workplace, randomized cluster trial, Qualitative Research, Mixed methods
  • Photo of Professor Christopher Woolverton
    Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health, Pandemic Preparedness

Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Studies