Contact the Human Resources Compensation team at compensation@kent.edu. For time reporting questions, contact Payroll at payroll@kent.edu.

Vacation and sick leave accrual will remain the same at the standard rates based on unclassified, assignment length, and years of service accrual rates.

Yes. Flex scheduling is allowed within the same workweek. For example, let’s say a typical schedule is eight hours a day (during the day), and your department needs you to work a special event for four hours during the evening. The schedule may be changed, with the approval of your supervisor, to give you 4 hours off at another time during the...

Salaried non-exempt employees will continue to report, vacation, sick and personal time through employee self-service (Flashline) leave reporting.

Salaried nonexempt employees will continue to be paid on a salaried basis. Employees in this group will report overtime directly to their supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for recording the overtime hours worked on a designated webpage. Overtime hours need to be submitted by noon on Tuesday for the hours worked in the previous week.

No. You will continue to be paid on a salaried basis for 40 hours per week unless you work out a flex schedule with your supervisor and/or you work overtime hours.

No. As a salaried non-exempt employee you will receive the same pay amount each pay period.  You will still be expected to enter leave time (vacation and sick).  The only additional piece of information you will be asked to report is any hours over 40 worked in the work week.

No. Your supervisor has the right to alter your work schedule so that you do not work more than 40 hours in a work week. 

No.  According to administrative policy 6-07.9, all overtime must be authorized by the properly designated administrative authority (e.g. a supervisor or manager). While overtime worked without supervisor approval must be paid, you should check with your supervisor to find out what the process is in your department for overtime approval.

No. According to FLSA regulations, non-exempt staff are to be paid for overtime hours worked. Other forms of payment, such as compensatory time off, are not to be used except where legally required (i.e., if work is performed on a holiday).