Department of Psychological Sciences

Our application deadline is December 15th of each year, for the following Fall admission.

Our application deadline is December 15. In order for an application to be considered complete, the department must have received all application materials including:  Statement of Career Goals and Purpose, describing your motivation for graduate study, your future professional goals, and your reasons for having selected Kent State...

Department of Psychological Sciences

We require the general GRE, but not the subject test. The institution code for Kent State University is 1367, and the departmental codes are 2016 for Clinical, and 2007 for Psychological Science. We encourage applicants to look into the GRE Fee Reduction Program to determine if you are eligible for a fee reduction.

Department of Psychological Sciences

In the past, nearly all students have received full financial support in the form of a graduate assistantship, which includes a full tuition waiver, a stipend, and some health insurance benefits. We expect to be able to maintain this level of support in the future.

Department of Psychological Sciences

The typical time for completing the Ph.D. program has been five years in the Psychological Science degree program and about six years, including the internship, in the Clinical degree program.

Graduate courses/degrees completed at other institutions are evaluated for equivalency with our requirements on an individual basis.

Students admitted to either the psychology or clinical program may not change automatically to the other; such a change requires a complete re-evaluation of the student's credentials.

We do not have a program in either counseling or industrial psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences. For the former, you may wish to consider programs offered in our College of Education, Health and Human Services in community, rehabilitation, or school psychology. Requests for information about these programs should be directed...

Applications for admission are processed when they arrive.

Computer Science

Applicants can apply online. Please see admission requirements and how to apply.