Yes, there are two! Check out the ACM Student Chapter and Hacksu student organization.

Follow the instructions at the listmail page or send email from your KSU email address (to make sure we get the right name) to ugradinfo@cs.kent.edu.

You should contact a career expert  at Career Exploration and Development.  They can provide assistance with choosing a major based upon your career goals and interests.  There are two career exploration classes available:  US 20008, Career Construction and US 20009, Career and Life Planning. Each course is one credit hour and will count...

A course may be critical because it is a prerequisite for future courses. It may be critical in time because it is only offered once a year. It may be critical because it requires a minimum grade, such as "C." The purpose of a roadmap is to guide you through your degree program in a timely manner. Missing a critical course may put you off track and...

If you decide to change your major once you have been admitted, you should contact the Admissions Office at 330-672-2444 or the Admissions Office at your campus. If you have already begun your course work, Admissions will direct you to the appropriate college office.

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The official University Catalog can be found here.

The Schedule of Classes can be found here.

You can log on to your Flashline account using your student ID to access your transfer information. Another option is to contact the Transfer Center at 330-672-8950.  

Begin with the Admissions Office (330-672-2444 or Admissions. That office will be able to direct your call to the appropriate person. If you will be attending a Regional Campus, contact the Admissions Office at that campus. Campus information may be found here.

By hovering over an individual major on the GPS site, additional information will appear. By clicking on the major, you will be taken to the major's web page in the University Catalog.