We have a range of equipment for you to use in the TechStyleLAB. Take a look at all the devices available below and let us know if you have any questions.

Input devices


Our advanced scanners are designed to digitize your designs. 

GTCO CalComp Roll-Up III
Digitizing board (36" x 48")
Use this to digitize your garment patterns in Optitex.
Contex SD4420
Wide format scanner. Optical resolution of 1200 DPI
Use this to scan any artwork or images up to 44" wide.


You can use a number of different cameras to create work or take pictures of your projects:

  • Ladybug camera (stand + mic)
  • Nikon D600 DSLR
  • GoPro Hero 3
  • GoPro Hero 4 - portable camera. Mountable camera with 4K video
  • Microsoft Azure Kinect DK - volumetric capture device

Apple iPad - 2nd Generation

We have an iPad to explore AR/VR experiments. Procreate is installed on this device and we also have an Apple Pencil for you to use.

Photo Studio

Students and faculty can book designated space to photograph projects.

Portable light kit

Using our portable light kit, you can photograph work around Rockwell Hall.


Faculty can book workstations for remote class work or for student interviews.

Output devices


Our advanced printers mirror those used in the industry. 

HP DesignJet T520 Plotter and Poster Printer
Prints resolutions up to 2400 dpi.
Mutoh VJ-1628TD Textile Printer
This eight-color, two-head, high-resolution textile printer can print fabric up to 64’’wide.
Mutoh VJ-1938TX Textile Printer
This eight-color, dual head, high resolution textile printer can print fabric up to 72” wide.

Laser cutter and embroidery equipment

Radian Laser Cutter FB 1600 
39x 60" bed 
Our laser cutter is designed for the textile and embroidery industry.
Embroidery machine: Tajima TEHX-C1501 
Single-head, 15-needle to create intricate designs.

Cricut makers

3D printer
Afina H400 3D Printer
Prototypes a part, or model that is up to 4.7in3 with a minimum layer thickness of 0.15mm.
Creatlity CR-10 Max
Build volume is up to 17.7in3 with a minimum layer height of 0.2mm.
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
Resin printer with build volume:  5.08in(L) x 3.15in(W) x 6.30in(H)

Other equipment

Oculus Quest 2
VR headset
Elegoo Washing and Curing Station
Washes and cures resin prints created in the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
Polymaker Polysher
Smooths prints made with the Polymaker Polysmooth Filament
Jacquard SteamJet II Fabric Finisher 
This steams all our digitally printed fabrics to set the dye. It can process up to 50 yards of fabric per cycle!