Los Angeles

Learn in the city of angels

What’s it like to study in Los Angeles?

This program will show you the world of fashion in Los Angeles. You’ll tour fashion design studios, production facilities and sustainable companies - and meet with leading fashion designers, principles of creative agencies, internship coordinators and studio owners. 

And when you’re not doing that, you’ll have the chance to explore museums, galleries, and cutting-edge architectural projects to deepen your understanding of how fashion sits in the wider world of art and design.

How can studying in Los Angeles help your career development? 

This Study Tour program offers an insider’s perspective on the fashion industry and expanded world of design. It’s intended to inspire students to become knowledgeable and conscientious future fashion leaders. You’ll develop knowledge of the international fashion industry during your time on campus and in LA, meeting with design directors and production managers to better understand the process from initial design concept to final product.

During your time in LA, you’ll connect with professionals who can show you just how diverse contemporary design practice really is. You’ll learn to think critically and opportunistically, and to see design innovation as a creative and cultural force. 

Visiting leading sustainable fashion headquarters will reveal how companies are taking a contemporary approach to urgent environmental concerns. And discussions with design and production directors will help you understand how to tackle sustainability in your own projects. You’ll learn that developing new ways to discover and put sustainable strategies in place is more important than just choosing to act.