With over 60 undergraduate degree programs available from PUCPR and over 200 from Kent State, students will complete their first two years of undergraduate study in Brazil at the PUCPR campus by taking Kent classes taught in English by Kent state faculty members. Students will earn academic credit from both universities simultaneously and will earn a KSU Associate of Science degree at the end of two years. They can then choose whether to finish their bachelor’s degree in the United States at KSU’s Kent campus, or in Brazil at PUCPR. Depending on the degree path chosen, students will receive a Kent State bachelor’s degree, and PUCPR bachelor’s degree, or a double degree from both universities.

The program consists of a liberal arts curriculum that gives students the opportunity to be exposed to different areas of knowledge as they learn comprehensive skills that can be used in their chosen career.

The American Academy curriculum consists of the following courses (subject to substitution), offered on a 4-semester carousel with intake at each semester:

  • First Year Experience
  • Comparative Politics
  • College Writing I & II
  • Music as a World Phenomenon
  • Intro to Sociology
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus I, OR Introductory Statistics
  • Intro to Applied Conflict Management
  • International Business
  • American History: Early or Modern
  • Life on Planet Earth + Lab
  • Intro to World Religions
  • Intro to Human Communication
  • World History: Modern
  • Frontiers in Astronomy
  • General Psychology
  • Intro to Ethics
  • Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe (intro to physics concepts)
  • Great Books Since 1700

Courses typically meet for three weeks, Monday through Friday, from approximately 9AM until 2:30PM; the exact number of days and start/end times will vary, depending on holidays and other factors.