André Vinícius Correa Caracas' Testimonial

André Vinícius Correa Caracas, Student


“I was studying Computer Science at PUCPR when, in 2018, I heard about the American Academy. I entered the second semester of the same year, in the first cohort. Before I joined the program, I sort of knew what I wanted to do, but the American Academy was essential for me to be able to find a program that was closer to my professional dream and my profile. The meetings with the advisors were very important for this. I will bring all the cultural, historical and even technical knowledge that I acquired in the program to my personal and professional life.  I believe that the move to Kent will not be difficult, since I have lived in four cities, but it will be my first time living abroad and I am very excited to get to know the Kent community in Ohio.”

~ André Vinícius Correa Caracas