CI 47095 Italian History & Culture

Course Name:  CI 47095 Italian History & Culture

Description: This course provides students an interactive introduction to Italian history and culture. It is a sort of bridge strictly connected to the field experience students are conducting during their semester in Florence. A survey on the main topics of Italian history and culture is offered through multiple approaches and a variety of issues and learning devices. Students will experience various expressions of Italian culture and history, including science, art, architecture, music and opera, theater, literature and poetry, sculpture, cinema, philosophy, and politics. The aim of the course is to enhance the Florence experience providing an immersion in the main historical and cultural issues linked to Italian civilization. Students will be employing a range of active modes of engagement and research such as keeping a journal, in-class discussions, oral presentations, papers and written reports, movie and documentaries, music, etc.

Credit Hours: 2

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Education Cohort

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