Clara Panta Pereira Garcia's Testimonial

Clara Panta Pereira Garcia


“Entering the American Academy was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me! I was accepted in July 2020 and spent six months wondering what my first day of class would be like, my classmates., my teachers, and how this course would work! Spoiler: nothing I imagined happened On the contrary, it was much better than I had imagined! Unfortunately, in the pandemic scenario that we are still in, I had to start AA online, and I thought it would not be very pleasant and that there would not be so much interaction between all the students! But I was surprised by the countless online activities we had (with the three days of integration between freshmen and veterans). I was delighted to meet extraordinary people in this course, even in the remote mode! And on top of that, AA managed to make this transition smoothly for me, so I went being a simple high school student to a freshmen from two universities.”

~ Clara Panta Pereira Garcia