CPT Eligibility

You are eligible for CPT if:

  1. You are in valid F-1 status at the time of application and have been in full-time status on the same SEVIS record for 1 academic year preceding the CPT application.
  2. You abide by all rules surrounding full-time course registration while on CPT
  3. You have NOT completed all of the coursework and requirements for your program
  4. The CPT experience is either
    • Required--satisfying a program requirement placed on ALL students, or
    • Elective--meaning you will register for coursework in your program of study in the concurrent semester to represent the CPT experience (you will need to speak with your academic advisor regarding an internship course and you will need to speak with both your academic advisor and consult the Cooperative Education website regarding co-op courses)
  5. The CPT experience is an integral part of the major program of study