Francesca Passeri

Francesca Passeri earned her undergraduate degree in Law, her MA in Communication and Media, and her Ph.D. in Telematics and Information Society at the University of Florence. Between 1998 and 2006 she worked in the communication & marketing field in publishing, fashion and tourism industries. In 1999 she spent one year at the College of the Holy Cross (MA, USA) for a specialization course in Media and Communication. Between 2007 and 2011 she taught communication and public speaking at MA European Program in Media and Communication, University of Florence. Since 2010 Francesca Passeri has been a professor of Comparative Media Systems at the Kent State University in Florence. She is member of the cultural associations FLICK and FAIR where she is in charge of social media marketing and sustainability. Her study interests focus on: new media & social media; communication and branding strategies in the Italian fashion system; civic media and convergence culture; and a comparative study of media systems between USA and Italy. Her publications include her Ph.D. final dissertation: E-participation, I contributi delle tecnologie dell'informazione nella partecipazione dei cittadini ai processi di policy-making; and essays and chapters, among which include Social Network e diritti di libertà; Open Data per una Pubblica Amministrazione trasparente; and Internet Better Governance.

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