All undergraduate students are required to live on campus, unless they meet the conditions for Off-Campus Housing.

Graduate students or undergraduate students who meet the requirements to live off-campus are encouraged to wait until arriving to Kent State to secure their housing to avoid any legal issues.

Below are the steps to securing both types of housing and additional information.

On-Campus Housing

In order to live on campus, you must complete the housing application.

  • Visit the Residence Services website here: www.kent.edu/housing

  • Click on “Online Housing Application (New Residents)” on the left-hand side.

Off-Campus Housing

If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, then you are eligible to live off-campus:

  1. Are you at least 20 years old?
  2. Are you at least a junior (do you have at least 60 credit hours)?
  3. Are you married?

If you did not answer "yes" to any of the questions above but still want to apply for the housing requirement waiver, please contact housing@kent.edu for the form.

Please keep in mind these important points when considering off-campus housing:

  • You are responsible for finding and securing off-campus housing.

  • You are responsible for understanding the terms of your lease and/or any agreements you make. We encourage you to read them carefully before signing. If you wish to talk with an attorney regarding a lease, housing agreement or your rights as a tenant, you can contact Student Legal Services via their website or by email at studentls@kent.edu. This is a free service made possible by the Undergraduate Student Government.

  • We do not recommend signing any agreements until you have arrived to Kent, Ohio.

  • Kent State University and the Office of Global Education do not endorse any specific apartment complex or landlord.

Here is a resource to help you get started:

Temporary Housing

If you arrive in Kent before you can move in to your residence hall, you may be eligible to apply for temporary housing at the university. Temporary housing is only offered in the fall semesters and begins August 1st, with a cost of approximately US$35 per day. Please contact housing@kent.edu to see if there is any availability. If you are a new student who will be living on-campus, please note that once signing for temporary housing you are also signing your annual housing contract and you will not be eligible to move off-campus for the duration of that year.