Life in Florence

Florence offers a spectacular European experience like few other cities.  This unique city was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has more than 100 museums and churches filled with the art and sculptures of the masters. Florence's narrow, graceful-cobbled streets are reminiscent of an urban scene of earlier times.

In Florence you can:

  • stroll the banks of the Arno River and walk across the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge built during the Roman Empire.
  • view Florence from the top of the Duomo, one of the world's largest churches, begun in 1296.
  • wander through the myriad of winding, narrow medieval streets.
  • visit museums brimming with the artwork of Michelangelo, Galileo, Raphael and Botticelli.
  • chat with new friends over coffee at one of the dozens of outdoor cafes, or trattoria - the markets of Piazza Spirito and those surrounding San Lorenzo are not to be missed.
  • venture outside the city walls to explore Venice, Rome, and many other venues of historic and cultural significance that are a short train ride from the city.

Classes are held in the historic Palazzo dei Cerchi or Palazzo Bartolini Baldelli
History of Palazzo dei Cerchi
History of Palazzo Bartolini Baldelli