Luiz Henrique Dal Berto's Testimonial

Luiz Henrique Dal Berto, Student

“I always wanted to study outside of Brazil, and the American Academy was the way that gave me the most confidence in starting this process. Speaking from a freshman's point of view, I can say that my experience during this first semester has been incredible! From the first day I felt very welcomed by the team, and through games and activities I soon ended up bonding with several classmates, even with remote learning. Of course at the beginning I had some fear and uncertainty about enrolling in a program that is completely different than our national higher education system, but now, after having already completed a few classes, I can say that the cultural exchange and the variety of teaching that the program offers is truly a unique opportunity! And even though I entered with a fixed idea of ​​what I would like to do after graduating in Liberal Arts, with the help of the Student Advising professionals and the Career Navigation course, I now see several paths and possibilities for my future! I am grateful to be part of the program - the support of the American Academy team and teachers is essential and they make me feel certain that I made the right choice for my future!”

~ Luiz Henrique Dal Berto