Maia Wellington Gahtan

A native of Berkeley, California, Maia Wellington Gahtan received her B. A. in both history of art and linguistics (1987) and her Ph.D. in Renaissance studies from Yale University (1995). Formerly a curator at Walters Art Museum and Program Director of the M.A. in museum studies at Marist-LdM Florence, her scholarly interests concentrate on the textual criticism, the history of collecting and museums, and more generally on the interplay between intellectual/cultural history, literature and the representational arts, especially of the Early Modern period. The recipient of grants from the Fulbright Foundation, the Andrew Mellon Foundation and Villa I Tatti, she has contributed to scholarly journals, curated exhibitions and edited a number of books, among which Vasari’s FlorenceGiorgio Vasari and the Birth of the MuseumChurches, Temples, Mosques, Places of Worship or Museums?; Sacred Art and the Museum ExhibitionMuseum Archetypes and Collecting in the Ancient WorldMonographic Exhibitions and the History of Art; Collecting and Empires. An Historical and Global Approach; Museums of Language and the Display of Intangible Cultural Heritage, this latter relating to her co-direction of the European language project, ‘Eurotales. A Museum of the Voices of Europe’, based at Sapienza University of Rome.

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