Meet our Global Ambassadors!

Current members as of Spring 2018.

Haoran Sun

Hello everyone! My name is Haoran Sun, and I am a doctoral student in the Physics department.  My hobbies include music, soccer, fishing and geek techs.  So far, I am  on my way to get my doctoral degree, and my final goal is to be a scientist !  It is awesome  to be a Global Ambassador and share your passion with people from different cultures!
Carmen Dotterer
My name is Carmen Dotterer and I am currently studying Visual Communication Design. I was born and raised near Kent, and have only traveled outside of the country once, although I want to travel more. And (maybe it’s because I’m artsy) I’ve always had a fascination for other cultures and languages. So there was really no question for me when deciding to join the global ambassadors; I’ve been able to meet so many new and interesting people, and make so many great friends. I really enjoy helping others as well, so being a global ambassador has been a very rewarding experience for me.
Hello, I am Joram Rana and I am from Nepal. I am a junior at Kent State. I am majoring in Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry. I love hiking, trail walking, rock climbing, playing  all kinds of sports and working out. My life goal is to be a scientist. I am excited to be a global ambassador and meet people all over the world and learn new things.
Hello/Ni Hao/Salam! My name is David Chou. I earned my MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Kent State University in 2014. Currently, I am doing the International Higher Education Certificate Program. I like to travel, make new friends, learn new languages, and experience new cultures. Being a Global Ambassador would definitely give me a great opportunity to utilize what I have learned from the past to assist international students with both their academic and non-academic needs. I sincerely look forward to welcoming new international students and helping them adjust to our lovely and vibrant Kent State community both smoothly and successfully.
Hi! My name is Arisara Suwanchanchai but you can call me Ari. I'm a senior majoring in Visual Communication Design. I'm adventurous person and I love travelling. I enjoy hiking, reading, photography, sleeping and eating good food. I'm excited to be a part of a Global Ambassador and can't wait to meet with everyone!
Hi, my name is Stephanie Sheronovich, and I’m currently a sophomore at Kent studying Psychology. Traveling and learning about other cultures has always been one of my greatest passions! In the last two years, I’ve been to 10+ different countries. I’m extremely excited for the adventures to continue in Thailand this summer, where I’ll be teaching English for four months!
My name is Suryanarayanan Elapully Suresh, I know it's a super long name. I am a undergraduate studying majoring in Accounting. I went on a tour of the campus before choosing my colleges and I really loved how student and the staffs were well connected with each other here which is why i choose KSU.  I play PS4 and basketball and Cavs being my favourite team. I watch soccer cricket along with basketball and field hockey. I also play cricket and soccer for fun. Making new friends and helping other students is what I look over when I joined the Global Ambassadors program.


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