Obtain Your F-2 I-20

Applying for a Change of Status in the United States involves several steps. If you are in an applicable nonimmigrant status, we recommend that you seek out the assistance of an immigration attorney. While the application process is not difficult, there may be additional steps you need to consider depending on your current status. If you are a current student at Kent State University, you can visit Student Legal Services to help you identify a list of immigration attorneys. 

  1. Send your current passport, KSU ID number of the F-1 student/principal, and proof of financial funding to isss@kent.edu and clearly state that you are seeking assistance with a Change of Status by applying in the U.S. We will process your request and create an F-2 I-20. You will be notified once it is ready.
  2. Collect your I-20 from the Office of Global Education. You can choose one of the options below:
    • Collect I-20 from OGE -- You will need to bring your photo ID to show to the OGE reception desk.
    • Authorize a friend to collect from OGE -- You will need to indicate in the email the name of your friend. Once you receive the email indicating that your I-20 is ready for pick up, please forward the email to your friend and remind them to bring a photo ID when they come. 
    • Have your I-20 shipped at your own cost -- Please follow the instructions to create a shipping label and have it sent to you by clicking here. We will not print your I-20 until you provide the order number of your shipment.