Protocol for Dignitary Visits

The following procedures will be observed for international and government visits to Kent:
Faculty to Faculty
  • Departments should coordinate faculty/deans visiting Kent from other universities.
  • OGE should be informed.
  • If an agreement/MOU results, OGE must be involved prior to signing.
Senior Representatives
  • OGE will coordinate visits by senior representatives (Provosts, VP, Director) and/or government officials.
  • In the case of government official(s), OGE will interface with Governmental Affairs.
  • Whenever possible, the counterpart/KSU representatives (same or similar rank) should be invited.

Coordination will include the following:

  • preparation of an official letter of invitation when required;
  • transportation (airport transfers, if required; advice on car rentals or escort to meetings);
  • lunch (such as at the Schwebel Room) or dinner at a local restaurant;
  • tour of campus;
  • coordination of meeting(s) with counterparts;
  • selection/presentation of gift(s);
  • table flags of US and visiting country;
  • lodging (occasionally provided when reciprocated).

Whenever possible, a 2-3 week notice is requested.