Sponsored Students

Who are sponsored students?

International sponsored students are partially or entirely supported during ‎their academic programs for the cost of their tuition, fees, living expenses and other amenities by ‎governments (U.S. or foreign), international organizations, public or private companies, and other third party entities.

More than 30 percent of the international students enrolled at Kent State are sponsored by a foreign government or agency, by the U.S. government, or by a foundation, private company or university. Countries represented by sponsored students include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Brazil, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Vietnam, Russia, Namibia, Panama, and Ecuador.

Individual Attention

The Sponsored Student Services Coordinator at the Office of Global Education serves as a central point of contact for, and liaison between, sponsoring agencies, sponsored students and a variety of offices across campus. 

If you are a sponsored student or a sponsoring organization, contact Sponsored Student Services Coordinator Stacie Ansley, intlspon@kent.edu, for more information.

Services provided include:

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