Student Spotlight: October 2, Week 7

Photo of Nadya Putri

International Student Profile: Meet Nadya Putri


Nadya Putri is a senior international student studying Business Management. Originally from Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, Nadya has been studying in the United States for four years. As a high school student, she spent two years taking college courses in Seattle, Washington; after she graduated high school, she came to Kent State to study with her sister, Tasya.


Nadya chose Kent State University primarily because of how versatile the program offerings are. She explains, “I wanted a place that fit the plans of both me and my sister, and Kent was the best match.” Kent’s internationally ranked Fashion School allowed Tasya to pursue her love of fashion merchandising, and Kent’s renowned College of Business provided Nadya the opportunity to explore her own interest in business. One of Nadya’s favorite parts about studying here is the robust international student community. She notes, “there are so many people here from so many different cultures, and I love getting in touch with people from other countries. I've made friends with people from India, Thailand, Korea, and Nepal.” Nadya believes that Kent’s celebration of diversity is an important part of the university's identity.


Nadya loves how much freedom she has here in the United States. She explains, “people here are a lot more laid back. They don’t care what other people are doing, and everyone is free to do their own thing. In Indonesia, people can care too much.” Even so, Nadya really misses her home culture—especially the food. She cites a CNN travel article that names rendang, a delicate Indonesian beef dish simmered in coconut milk and traditional spices, as the most delicious food in the world. Nadya founded the Kent Indonesian Student Association with her sister in order to bring a slice of her native culture here to Kent State. Her goal with the group is a simple one: “I just wanted to make a community for all the Indonesian students [at Kent] to help make them feel at home.” The organization will be showcasing classic Indonesian cuisine at this year’s international cook-off on Nov. 16; Nadya hopes that the traditional skewered chicken dish Sate Ayam will carry them to victory.


Although she’s still undecided about her future career plans, Nadya is hoping to work in a capacity that allows her to help others. She explains, “my passion is to help other people... like with volunteer work. I'm trying to find a job in something like that where I can also use my business background.” Nadya is no stranger to volunteer work—she’s taught English at underserved schools in Indonesia, assisted victims of natural disasters with cleanup work, and filled food packages to send to those in need. According to Nadya, this kind of aid work “is one of the best things people can do for the world.”


Nadya’s advice for other international students is the same advice that her dad gave to her: “Just try to be brave. Be proactive. Don't be scared to make mistakes. You can learn a lot from failing, and that helps you improve.” Nadya credits her own success to these wise words from her father, and she hopes that they can inspire others the same way that they inspired her.


Article written by Jacob Kulas, Office of Global Education Fall 2019 Intern