Transfer In Guide | Kent State University

In order to transfer from your current institution to Kent State, an F-1 student must notify an international student advisor at their current institution of the intent to transfer and inform Kent State’s International Student and Scholar Services of his/her Transfer Release Date See 8 CFR § 214.2 (f)(8).


An F-1 student may transfer to Kent State if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You are in valid F-1 student status at another SEVIS-approved institution. If you are out of status, you must apply for reinstatement or depart the U.S. and re-enter on a new initial I-20 issued by Kent State.
  • You have been accepted into an academic program at Kent State.
  • You can provide financial documentation that covers one year of expenses at Kent State.
To Apply
  1. Agree on a transfer release date with your international student advisor at your current institution. Inform your advisor of any plans to leave the United States, as this may impact your transfer release date.
  2. Send your financial support to or bring it during walk-in hours to the Office of Global Education.



  • Transfer-Out DSOs: Kent State University’s SEVIS School ID is CLE214F00387000
  • For a current listing of Designated School Officials at Kent State University, visit the OGE Staff Directory.
  • We do not have a form that the transfer out DSO needs to complete.
  • Students: Kent State will gain access to your SEVIS record on the Transfer Release Date. On that date, your previous institution will no longer be able to access your record. When selecting a Transfer Release Date, consider whether or not you need time to complete the current term, whether or not you have plans to travel outside of the United States, and whether or not you are working during a school vacation. Remember that you must travel with the I-20 that will be valid upon re-entry.  


Transfer In Guide