Freshman Honors Colloquium FAQ's

Commonly Asked Questions from Parents and Prospective Honors Students

1. My son/daughter already has taken College courses, College Credit Plus and/or Advanced Placement courses in Writing, and/or Composition.  Why is this course still required?

FHC is the foundational Honors Experience.  It is much more than a freshman course in writing and composition.  It is a course in which thoughtful, focused discussion plays a great role in the development of skills in written and oral argument and expression.  The year-long development of these skills is invaluable to students in every major, and they bring these skills to bear on their subsequent coursework and future career work with great success.  The college has found that the majority of Honors students have found this one of the most important experiences in their college careers.

2. Can these College Credit Plus courses still be used towards the degree if they won't satisfy the requirement of FHC?

The course(s) are eligible to count towards electives and so still could count towards the degree.


3. I want my son/daughter to complete the degree in 3 years, not four.  Won’t this course get in their way of doing that?

Some of our students are able to complete their degree within three years while taking FHC.  This occurs because some students bring in two semesters worth of credit towards graduation.  On the other hand, most of our students take four years to graduate because they enter majors that have a sequence of courses requiring the four years to complete the degree.


4. I already took AP English, or College Credit Plus Writing, or Composition courses.  I don’t want to take any more writing courses.  Why do I have to take this?

FHC is not simply a writing course.  It is far more.  It is a course that involves reading, critical thinking, discussion and the interchange of ideas among your fellow students and your instructor.  One of the great strengths of the Honors College is that you will be able to work and learn with outstanding students from across the country and in many different disciplines.  The FHC is the touchstone that makes the connection for you with your fellow students and with the wide range of subjects and career opportunities they share.