Honors Leadership Academy

The Honors Leadership Academy was established in the fall of 2018, and connects incoming Honors College freshmen to leadership learning and civic engagement in our local community.  Students are selected to apply for this new initiative based on excellent high school leadership experiences.  

Honors Leadership Academy 2018-2019


Several of the benefits of the Honors Leadership Academy include:

  • Connecting early with other honors peer leaders and getting to know your local college community
  • Earn 3 honors credits for Honors Leadership Academy during your first year (1 credit in fall and 2 credits in spring) to count towards your required 24 honors credits for graduation
  • Close interaction and networking with the Honors College staff and Residence Services staff
  • Priority to live in Stopher-Johnson or Centennial Court B Honors College Living-Learning Community (if you plan to live on campus)
  • Integrating your major studies with local opportunities to help others
  • Opportunities to assist the Honors College in recruiting prospective students
Two male students from Honors Leadership Academy

The Honors Leadership Academy admits approximately 16 students each academic year and is highly selective.  Invitations for applying to the Honors Leadership Academy are sent out in the spring prior to the first fall semester of the incoming class at Kent State University.  

For more information about Honors Leadership Academy and its application process, please contact Honors Leadership Academy coordinators Erin Ahrens at eahrens2@kent.edu

Honors Leadership Academy Student Testimonials:

HLA was the first push I needed to find my purpose and place here at Kent.  This program fostered my involvement and connection to Kent State as a whole.  I would not be the student leader I am today without this class.
                              -Abigail, Honors Leadership Academy Student


HLA introduced us to many campus and community resources early on in our educational career here at Kent that we will be able to use well into our future years on campus.
                              -Kirstan, Honors Leadership Academy Student


This program proved to be an invaluable experience in my personal leadership development.  Even past this, I gained many new friends and strong professional relationships with faculty that I would have otherwise been unlikely to attain.
                              -Jayden, Honors Leadership Academy Student


I would recommend the program to an incoming Honors College freshman because it created a sense of belonging and stronger community, which I feel helped each of us get further involved on campus. 
                               -Alice, Honors Leadership Academy Student


HLA was truly the best part of my freshman year, and I cannot wait to see how the program continues to positively impact the lives of KSU freshmen for years to come.
                               -Nicolas, Honors Leadership Academy Student


I would definitely recommend this program to an incoming freshman because HLA has provided me with a group of like-minded peers and has served as a positive source of community and friendship for me within the Honors College.
                              -Mallory, Honors Leadership Academy Student