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Honors College news is meant to highlight current college opportunities and the successes of the students and alumni who participate in the Honors College academic experience. Students and alumni are encouraged to tell us about their academic, personal, and professional accomplishments.

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May 4 Scholarship Recipient Headshot of Annika Dudik
Friday, May 13, 2022 - 11:39am
Annika Dudik, a third year Honors College student from Geneva, Ohio, continues to excel and grow throughout her time and experiences at Kent State. And if it were not for the May 4 Scholarship Award she received as an incoming freshman in the Honors College, her story may have tu...
Photo of first year Honors College student in Venice for Freshmen in Florence program.
Thursday, May 12, 2022 - 10:53pm
Moira Armstrong (they/them), an Honors College senior from Warren, Ohio, has been selected as an Alternate for the 2022 Fulbright Scholarship Award. As an alternate, candidates such as Moira may be elevated to finalist status for an award should extra funding become available. Mo...
Head shot of freshman Honors College student William Dakin with city backdrop.
Wednesday, May 11, 2022 - 11:10am
Getting involved on-campus is a big step to help build relationships and make a change. One student put his front foot forward and is helping an organization
Honors College senior Morgan Bowers pitching during a Kent State women's softball game.
Thursday, May 5, 2022 - 12:49pm
Morgan Bowers, a senior Honors College student from Whitehouse, Ohio, is nearing the end of “pitching” a perfect game. As an economics major with a minor in data analytics, Morgan will graduate a year early in the spring of 2022, having only attended Kent St...
Front Campus, Architecture Building in the Back
Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 10:38am
From beginning the thesis process, to starting research, to the final oral defense and end results, students take approximately three semesters to complete a thesis in its entirety
Alena Miskinis Playing Piano
Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 10:13am
This article is part two of a three-part series, each focusing on a student in the process of navigating their Senior Honors Thesis/Project. Once students have established their
Sculpture on Front Campus
Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 9:53am
An opportunity that the Honors College at Kent State offers students is to create and present a thesis project. During the last year and a half of their undergraduate career, all
Honors College Student and Staff Sitting in the Kent State Student Center Ballroom
Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 2:14pm
On April 23, 2022, Honors College seniors graduating in the spring, summer and fall of 2022 were recognized for their membership in the college
Back Campus, Library in the distance
Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 12:42pm
Each year, the Honors College recognizes one faculty member for their hard work and dedication to the Honors College and its students. With so many faculty that do so much for
View Overlooking Manchester Field
Monday, April 25, 2022 - 3:37pm
Hundreds of students graduate from Kent State University’s Honors College and continue their legacy doing exceptional work in their field. During Kent State’s annual